Pokemon GO: How to recover Poke Balls and other starter tips

Pokemon GO: How to recover Poke Balls and other starter tips

Pokemon GO: How to recover Poke Balls and other starter tips

Once the Pokemon characters are found, your phone switches to the view that you see through your phone camera, and overlays an image of the monster on the real-life scene in front of you.

With the Pokemon in front of you, flick the Pokeball that's located at the bottom of the screen towards it. Try to time the throw with the green ring that's pulsating in front of the creature. There has to be a better way to catch 'em all, right?

An Oregon man was out playing the game when he was allegedly stabbed in the shoulder after he thought a stranger wanted to "battle" Pokemon.

Gamers have spotted an array of Pokemon within the store, including one Weedle comically rustling around their food aisles that has been repeatedly shared across Twitter.

Trainers choose a team affiliation (red, blue or yellow) and can train and fight their Pokemon at various "gyms" throughout the city. The Burger Priest is infested with ghost Pokemon.

A quick walk through Marathon Park from 7 p.m.to 9 p.m., which players say are peak hours for hunting in that location, will show the sheer number of people playing this game. "Imagine someone pointing their mobile phone at you!".

Birmingham International railway station, Birmingham Airport and Grand Central shopping centre are gyms, but one site that has received overwhelming attention is City Road Methodist Church.

So you line up a PokeBall (a device used to capture Pokemon) on the screen with the little beastie and throw the ball, which if it hits the Pokemon, swallows it up for storage so it can be used to battle other Pokemon later.

After a long and intense workout at the Recreational Sports Facility, we know it's sometimes tempting to decompress and catch up on Pokemon while chilling in the locker room.

Looking for rare Pokemon?

Merry Hill Shopping Centre is not only great for shopping, it's wide area has now become ideal for all of your Pokemon needs.

If you were one of those who installed early, make sure you've updated your app to the latest release version if you can.

The park is home to a variety of grass and air type Pokemon, from Caterpie to Pidgetto, Venomoth to Spearow and everything else at varying starting levels - occasionally with a rogue Rhyhorn on the loose.

A Reddit user has data-mined the game's code and made lots of interesting discoveries on items and Pokemon that may be coming to the game.

The BCLM is also registered as a Pokemon gym surrounded by Pokemon centres and wild creatures alike. Just avoid the Pokemon in this region, we promise there will be others. Not only gaming, Pokemon Go represents a big step for AR, as game developers can now focus on games that interact more with reality and allow users to explore their surroundings. From restaurants offering special "Pokemon Go" menus and drinks, to malls using it to rejuvenate lagging traffic, even to offices.

The Grand Theatre - WolverhamptonTake the stage at The Grand Theatre for all of your Pokemon needs. And he says users could be turned off if they run out of nearby Pokemon to collect.

To get the Nice 10XP bonus, you want to catch the Pokemon at the moment the circle is at its widest.

To get the Great 50XP bonus, you want to catch the Pokemon when the circle is exactly halfway: I've only gotten this bonus once or twice, because it requires insane timing.

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