Pokemon Go players unwelcome at Arlington, Holocaust museums

Not respectful Pokemon Go players roaming the US Holocaust Memorial Museum halls with eyes glued to phones in search of the computerised figures shocked many. — Reuters

Pokemon Go players unwelcome at Arlington, Holocaust museums

Such has been the popularity of the immersive smartphone game Pokémon Go and the ubiquity of users glued to the app as they go about their daily lives, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery have asked players to stop catching Pokémon at the sites.

In Pokémon Go a player take the role of a "trainer", travelling to real locations to "catch" virtual Pokémon that can be found using a smartphone's Global Positioning System and camera.

Cue the museum's communications director, Andrew Hollinger, to state the obvious: "Playing the game is not appropriate in. a memorial to the victims of Nazism".

Like many other landmarks, the museum now is a Pokestop - a place where players can get free in-game items.

"The Museum encourages visitors to use their phones to share and engage with Museum content while here", Hollinger said.

Game developers Niantic Labs have not yet responded as to whether it could stop Pokemon creatures from appearing inside or outside the Holocaust Museum or Arlington Cemetery.

The director also told Yahoo that while the museum embraces the use of technology for educational purposes, the game "falls outside of our educational and memorial mission".

Hollinger says playing the game seems disrespectful, especially while visitors are inside the Hall of Remembrance.

The creature could be seen floating near a sign for the museum's Helena Rubinstein Auditorium, which exhibits the testimonials of Jews who survived the gas chambers, said The Washington Post.

The Post reported that the popular game often places characters in awkward or inappropriate locations.

"In its choice of city landmarks, the game's algorithm often chooses delicate or inappropriate locations". The National September 11 Memorial & Museum also has them.

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