Pokemon Go takes world by storm, earning $1.6m daily in revenues

Pokémon Go players searching for Pokémon characters at Peg Paterson Park in Sydney

Pokémon Go players searching for Pokémon characters at Peg Paterson Park in Sydney. Peter Rae

Players can find and catch roughly 250 different Pokemon cartoon characters in real-world locations using their smartphones and the power of Google Maps.

The reality game has gained over 65 million users in the United States alone, within seven days of its release, and is already helping local businesses attract new customers. There might be more in the full consumer release, although 151 sounds about right as that's the exact same number of Pokemon that appeared in the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue Game Boy games that originally started the whole (Poke) ball rolling.

What is a Pokemon Go gym?

An open map detailing gyms and Pokestops in Dundee has been created.

The Pokemon Go app, has been downloaded more times in a week than the dating app Tinder has in its four years of existence, with Nintendo having to pause the game's global roll-out, in order to boost server capacity.

The update simultaneously announces the availability of Pokemon Go app for Android 7.0 Nougat and also for smartphones with Intel X86 processor, which means that the game will be available for Asus' Zenfone series that is powered by Intel processor.

The app, developed by Niantic Labs, sees players walk around real-life neighbourhoods to hunt down virtual Pokemon characters on their smartphone screens and capture them.

Despite the game not being available in Britain until now, thousands of players in the United Kingdom have already downloaded the app by changing their region settings or using unofficial app stores, a move which led to warnings of malware from security experts.

You can download DataMan Next free on the App Store today.

Pokémon GO is now officially available to be installed from Google Play or iTunes.

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