Popular game apps before Pokémon Go

In other Pokemon GO news, it's been suggested that McDonald's could end up being the game's first sponsored PokeStop, where players will be able to collect free items and set up Lure Modules to attract new Pokemon to their location.

If you want to play the game on your iOS device, then you have to use an Australian/US/New Zealand number, since these are the places the game is officially launched.

Franken's letter also makes reference to a bug that allowed Niantic access to the Google accounts of users, including their Gmail accounts.

The app also alerts its user if another Pokemon is in sight and owners may engage in a battle.

Anyway, the incident highlights one of the trickier aspects of AR, which is being heralded in some telecoms circles as the Next Big Thing in mobile and quite likely a key driver for IoT and 5G services.

At present Pokémon Go is officially available exclusively in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The petition is found on a petition site where a user under the "Pokemon GO for Windows" started the plea 10 months ago and is aimed to garner 50,000 petitioners.

It's fun and shows how augmented reality can be compelling, even on a small smartphone screen. That enables gamers to fill up Chinese streets with, for example, San Francisco landmarks and catch Pokemon.

Following the United Kingdom launch of the game, an NSPCC spokesperson told us: "It's deeply troubling that the app's owners have ignored many warning signals and well documented child safety concerns".

The Pokemon Go Plus device which is a wrist watch will be available in August, informed apkqueen.com, the website which is providing link to download the game. For example, the actual locations where virtual Pokemon creatures are located are designated by Niantic using a custom version of Google Maps and vetted locations via its previous AR game Ingress.

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