Prime Minister Modi holds bilateral talks with Mozambique President

This is the Prime Minister's first official visit to mainland Africa. He will head to Tanzania and Kenya among other places to demonstrate the strong Indian involvement in the country. High on the agenda will be a proposal for contract farming in Tanzania to buffer India's shortfall in grain production and maritime security agreements for cooperation on the safeguarding of Indian Ocean trade routes.

Referring to the pact signed for purchase of pulses, he said, "We are also strengthening our partnership in food security".

Modi said the networks of terrorism are interlinked with other crimes, including drug trafficking.

"In an effort to boost our economic ties, I will speak at the India-South Africa business meet", he said.

"In Mozambique's march towards economic prosperity, India will walk every step of the way".

A long-term agreement to import pulses from Mozambique is expected to be signed on Thursday.

"We agreed to put cooperation in agriculture on the fast track".

Modi will address a India-South Africa business meet during his stay in South Africa with which India has a two-way trade reaching Dollars 5.3 billion in 2015-16.

He said the bilateral trade has continued to grow and there was a need to provide a "nurturing" environment.

"South Africa will also be exploring ways in which to increase and diversify our exports to India by identifying new areas of market access in areas including the defence sector, deep mining, renewable energy and the health sector", said the minister.

Later in the day, the Prime Minister is scheduled to meet Veronica Mamoco, President of Mozambique's National Assembly.

"My Africa tour, aimed at enhancing ties between India & Africa will begin from Mozambique in a brief but key visit", tweeted Modi ahead of his departure.

From South Africa's side, Zuma will want to raise the issue of UN Security Council reform with his counterpart, given that India is part of the Group of Four working on proposals for reforming the Security Council.

"Mozambique and India are no exceptions".

Later, addressing a banquet hosted by Nyusi in his honour, the Prime Minister said India remains ready and committed to share its experiences, technology, capacity with Mozambique in line with its priorities.

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