Protesters 'coming together' around police shootings

If enough people make it clear that their vote is contingent on pushing for real reforms to policing, your local representatives might actually start working toward progress. The results can be searing.

The rally was in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were killed by police in separate incidents earlier this week, and who are believed to be the 114th and 115th black men killed by law enforcement in 2016.

Less than twelve hours after the tragic killing of five police officers, the NRA has issued a statement offering condolences to the families of the officers - but so far has remained silent about the deaths of African Americans Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

In fact, the way we cultivate our social media feeds often does the opposite of raising public consciousness and confronting the nation with hard truths-it creates an echo chamber, in which we're only seeing what we want to see. But will it make any difference at all?

A new study on police use of force that parsed data from Washington Post news reports found that among citizens fatally shot by police in 2015, black citizens "were significantly more likely to have been unarmed than white citizens", says study co-author Justin Nix, with the University of Louisville's Department of Criminal Justice. I saw a video link.

Garner and Sterling were, in fact, doing something that's now celebrated in very different forums by small-scale "entrepreneurs" who typically don't look like them. Instead, the cycle repeats: Shooting, hashtag, small protest, disperse. Everyone had seen the videos. But whether these videos will lead to an actual indictment is another matter. Later in the note, he added, "Blessings to all the families that have lost loved ones to police brutality". Likewise, Michael Slager, the officer who shot Walter Scott in the back, was indicted and is awaiting a trial.

In some ways, the video is helpful.

"What we hear time and time again is the reason they are doing it is because they can't find another job", says Rudy Espinoza, the executive director of a nonprofit that works with street venders in L.A. "Instead of asking for a handout, they are entrepreneurial". After all, these moments capture the last minutes of someone's life.

We can not leave fate up for those that have no respect for our lives, or those that dismiss our movements to take a smidgen of this American apple pie.

"These recordings, which are tantamount to snuff films, are shared thousands of times, to the point that they're hard to avoid-on Twitter, on the morning news, on a TV screen at the gym".

So many videos of black death have circulated that there is now the question of whether they are changing the public's mind at all. These shootings will not stop, violence, death, and hate, they won't all of a sudden stop.

With the ongoing issues of police shootings around the country, Shaw was thankful people peacefully organized to protest. Was it when the weight of 49 dead bodies killed in an Orlando nightclub felt like they would crush my soul? They also serve as a stark reminder that it takes action to eradicate racist violence - and that it is not up to people of color alone to do the work of saving black lives. "Even before Emmett Till, the NAACP was already engaged in legal work of a variety of kinds", she said.

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