Rallies, vigils after killings by police, Dallas ambush

The girlfriend of Philando Castile, who was fatally shot by police during a traffic stop in a St. Paul suburb, says the Dallas shootings were not caused by his death alone.

London Paige-Lamar, who heads the Tennessee Young Democrats, said she broke down and cried in her bedroom early in the morning as she watched a video of the aftermath of the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Philando Castile in Minnesota taken by his finance with her 4-year-old daughter in the back seat. The school cafeteria supervisor had been shot "for no apparent reason" while reaching for his wallet after telling the officer he had a gun and a permit to carry it, she says in the video. There are several national and local groups that aid the families of fallen police officers, including the Concerns of Police Survivors.

Family members of two of the men killed by police this week are calling for peace as the nation reels from those deaths and the Dallas protest where gunmen killed five officers in an ambush Thursday.

On Thursday, after Kardashian posted a selfie to Instagram, many commenters criticized her for not speaking out about the Sterling and Castile deaths. Below, you'll find reactions from some entrepreneurs and business leaders. "That could easily be me or my lil brother or my sisters, I ain't waiting for this poisonous, weak, racist, trigger happy mentality to spread around the world before we do something". Of a least 509 recorded killings by police this year, according to The Washington Post, 123 were blacks.

Ramsey County Prosecutor John Choi said at a Friday news conference that will happen when his office receives the case. Only after the video was publically released did it show inconsistencies in the police officers' accounts of the shooting. Stop killing my fucking people smh, I won't even lie, when the first series of police killing black people sprung up I thought smh this is fucked and had a passive attitude towards it but as times gone on you have to just think.are these racist Feds just gonna wake up everyday and kill innocent black people?

"I think we have to be very cognizant that most of the reports out of Dallas are that the actual rally was peaceful and that this sniper was not part of the rally", Shaw said.

Dressed in a white dress shirt and dark business slacks, Muflahi was unbothered by the sight of a group of men who were loitering a few feet away from his entrance, drinking and chatting loudly. At the time, Till's mother said, "There was just no way I could describe what was in that box".

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement on Friday condemned the slayings of police in Dallas but stressed the tragedy should not lessen concerns over the killings of black men and women by officers across the country. Journalists, lawmakers, and the public see the footage, and they believe.

With so many tragedies across the US this week, here's a look at how you can help in your local community and in Dallas, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dulan, 57, said more needed to be done to build community. The Baton Rouge Police Department didn't respond to the claim.

But following the rules evidently isn't enough to protect black lives in America, says Steve Belton, president of Minneapolis Urban League. Sterling was black; both officers are white. But when reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of the CBS affiliate in Roanoke, Virginia, were gunned down on live television last August, the consensus by the news media was that the video was too graphic to be shown. "And now you hear us because we can go on social media and yell".

In an interview to The Guardian, FBI director James Comey suggested that cellphone videos had increased crime rates because they had made police officers reluctant to come out of their cars for fear of being filmed and having their actions misinterpreted.

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