Republican convention speech won't be Tim Tebow's first foray into politics

The convention will also highlight religious leaders such as Jerry Falwell Jr., son of the famed televangelist, and Haskel Lookstein, the NY rabbi who converted Trump's daughter, Ivanka to Judaism.

"I feel kind of good".

Rules Committee sources tell National Review's Tim Alberta that Virginia delegate and Cruz ally Ken Cuccinelli is "open to brokering an agreement with Priebus under which he wins some modifications [to the party's nominating process in the future] in exchange for backing down from the anti-Trump measures".

He said the Federal Bureau of Investigation had devoted hundreds of investigators to seek out and examine possible threats to the GOP convention.

Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, a strong supporter of gay marriage as well as a giant in the technology community, will speak at the Republican National Convention next week.

"The definition of domestic terrorism is someone who engages in acts of violence directed against other people in order to coerce a civilian population or try and coerce a government", Comey said. GOP Chairman Reince Priebus and top Trump campaign officials were also in the convention center.

In a brief interview with The Associated Press, Gingrich says he expects the decision sometime after 1pm.

Besides a growing "whip" vote-counting operation, one official said the Trump campaign has assigned sympathetic delegates to ride herd on specific rebels in an effort to communicate and keep tabs on them.

Having Tebow's name on the program, which was released Wednesday, is a relief for Trump after he struck out on numerous professional athletes and A-list celebrities he suggested would be attending the convention and speaking on his behalf.

The disruption played out in the final hours before Trump's expected announcement on his vice presidential pick.

Ginsburg says in a statement issued by the court on Thursday that judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office. She escalated her criticism in subsequent media interviews.

He acknowledged in recent days that he'd stick a little closer to tradition.

Minor said he believes more than half of Washington's delegation - 24 delegates - support the movement to choose someone other than Trump as the party's nominee.

She said the only question in her mind is whether it will die in the convention's Rules Committee this week, or survive long enough to be voted down on the convention floor Monday.

Topping the list, presumably because he will lead the convocation at the launch of the convention, is Pastor Mark Burns, a televangelist who has become an important surrogate for Trump among evangelicals, who initially were wary of Trump because of the secular values he seemed to embrace as a reality TV star.

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