Rio Olympics: Final teams set for golf's first appearance since 1904

No chance he'll get kicked out of the group, certainly not without putting up quite a fight.

At Royal Troon, where Rio matters completely overshadowed the buildup to Thursday's Open, McIlroy was irked by being asked Olympic questions. But, for McIlroy, that doesn't mean better drug testing in golf should be pushed aside if the sport wants to make sure its clean.

Golf will be part of the Olympics for the first time since 1904.

Jordan Spieth, the last big name to pull out of the Rio Games, said yesterday: "There is still a tournament going ahead this week, right?"

He's even more eager to add another major title to his trophy case.

This summer is the first time ever that golf has been included in the Games. But what about who's playing?

Jordan Spieth won the U.S. Masters and U.S. Open in 2015 and is nearly certain to figure prominently on the Troon leaderboard. State officials have said the line will be running on August 1, four days before the games open on August 5. He's still only 27, an enormous talent who surely has some of his best golf still in front of him. "You guys [the media] have put that without me saying it". "I got into golf to win championships, and major championships".

Perhaps, it's because it does actually matter; perhaps, in the future, McIlroy - and others - will look back on bypassing Rio as a lost opportunity.

"We felt good at the time that we had the support of the top players", said Ty Votaw, vice president of the International Golf Federation.

"I think the stress of being number one in the world is a motivating factor for me just because I don't want to lose it", he said. I'm a huge believer in Olympic golf.

Bach says the International Olympic Committee has to "respect the individual decisions" of golfers who pulled out citing concerns over Zika, but notes that there have also been "very different reasons" not related to the virus that have led some to skip the games. Only four of the world's top 10 golfers are planning on playing in Rio next month.

"I think they are just using (Zika) as an excuse due to their crowded programme".

"You can't really pick up HGH in a urine test, so I could use HGH and get away with it", Mcllroy says. I got into golf to win championships and win major championships.

Around 85,000 security personnel, including police and soldiers, will be deployed during the games, close to double the amount that were used in the previous Olympics in London.

With the benefit of hindsight, Spieth clearly would have made his announcement before Monday's Games deadline.

The embrace has turned into a suffocating bear hug, one that could yet suck the life out of what had seemed a noble aspiration for those championing golf's return to the Olympics.

"I'm very happy with the decision that I've made and I have no regrets about it", McIlroy said.

"I was aware of a pledge, which was signed by all of the top golfers - I can't 100% say that Rory's name was on that pledge when golf's Olympic bid went in".

So, what will he watch?

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