S. Korea's foreign ministry denounces N. Korea's SLBM launch

Former Mongolian President Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat speaks to Yonhap News Agency at his office in Ulaanbaatar

Former Mongolian President Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat speaks to Yonhap News Agency at his office in Ulaanbaatar

It is highly significant that the South Korean administration of President Park Geun-hye has opted for a path toward expanding its alliance with the United States in the medium to long term, correcting its inclination toward Beijing over policy vis-a-vis North Korea. Japan is also considering the possibility of acquiring this system.

South Korea's National Intelligence Service estimated there were a total of 1,100 North Korean agents operating online gambling sites that targeted South Korean punters.

In the case of SLBMs, Han said the South Korean military will detect the preparation of a missile launch underwater in advance and attempt to incapacitate it before it is launched in accordance with an action plan presented by the Navy.

Tensions are high since Pyongyang carried out its fourth nuclear test in January, followed by a series of missile launches that analysts said showed the North was making progress toward being able to strike the USA mainland.

Pyongyang reacted angrily. The country's foreign ministry issued a statement describing the US move as "a declaration of war" and warning of "ultrahardline measures" against the U.S.

The new arms test came after the USA imposed direct sanctions on Kim Jong-un and another ten North Korean leaders for the first time last week, which was described by Pyongyang as a "declaration of war". "But there's nothing that persuades North Korea that it should change its current behavior this year".

The United States is trying to placate China over the deployment of an advanced anti-ballistic missile system to South Korea. "We strongly condemn North Korea's missile test in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions, which explicitly prohibit North Korea's use of ballistic missile technology", said Gabrielle Price, spokeswoman for the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the US State Department.

A propaganda announcement broadcast on state media said: "There will be physical response measures from us as soon as the location and time that the invasionary tool for USA world supremacy, THAAD, will be brought into South Korea".

The announcement was the latest move by the allies against the North, which conducted its fourth nuclear test this year and launched a long-range rocket, resulting in tough new United Nations sanctions.

The launcher trucks can hold up to eight interceptor missiles.

Pyongyang also test-fired what appeared to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile a day after the announcement by Seoul and Washington, sparking swift global condemnation. On Saturday, North Korea conducted yet another SLBM test from the eastern port city of Sinpo that broke up or exploded at an altitude of roughly ten-thousand meters.

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