See the photo proving the Ghostbusters reboot hasn't ruined childhoods

The director Paul Feig even received death threats for his casting decisions.

But "Ghostbusters" may surprise everyone come Friday. They were in Miami on Monday and took some time out of their busy schedule of busting ghosts to chat with Deco's Chris Van Vliet.

The film's secret weapons are Katie Dippold and director Paul Feig; they co-wrote it. I love the fact that his son is in it, plus his daughter and grandson. - I said, "You can shake me like a rag doll! Normal, healthy people don't stand outside, saying, 'You're ruining my childhood!' There's one nut on every corner in every city that does it". "And also I didn't want [the new characters] to be handed the keys to the kingdom in a kingdom that had already seen these ghost attacks".

Wiig is a physics professor trying to make tenure at Columbia but she's disgraced by her latent belief in the paranormal. McCarthy, so good in Feig's other films including her Oscar-nominated turn in Bridesmaids, not only doesn't have the chemistry she had with Wiig in that film, she seems unduly restrained as this group's leader, the nerdy Abby.

The 42-year-old star said she loved working with familiar faces from her time on Saturday Night Live, adding: "You really feel like you're with family".

The Daily Beast's Jen Yamato laid similar praise on the cast, especially McKinnon, who she said stole the show. "Yes, I have titties and an ass so you know I am a female".

"She's the tech geek in all of this, which is usually the geekiest geek. She is me! Yes, this is the closest character to my actual self that I've ever played".

His "Ghostbusters" makes some winks to the uproar that preceded his gender-swapping film, but it mostly steers straight ahead, too busy being amusing to worry much about misogynist detractors.

Leslie Jones (as Patty Tolan): "It's a Cadillac!" "But I don't know, it was kind of a little comfort food, easter egg, that gives us an opening if we wanted to do another movie".

No, what we have here is a reboot - a phenomenon given impetus in recent years by the huge success of JJ Abrams' 2009 take on Star Trek - which will see the release of a second sequel, Star Trek Beyond, later this year, following on from 2013's Into Darkness.

"Particularly when we released the first trailer, however good or bad it may have been - and it was somewhere in between those two things - there was no way for that minute and a half to capture what was burning in the hearts of these people who held that movie dear to their hearts".

Melissa McCarthy (as Abby Yates): "That is the most attractive thing I have ever seen".

I can't look away.

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