'Sheer brutality': Police detail Baton Rouge shooting scene

A former Marine dressed in black and carrying extra ammunition ambushed police in Baton Rouge, shooting and killing three law enforcement officers less than two weeks after a black man was fatally shot by police there in a confrontation that sparked nightly protests that reverberated nationwide. Police may expect to be occasionally shot at by criminals, particularly those they corner or catch in mid-crime; they don't expect it of ordinary citizens, and ordinary citizens don't expect or want it, either.

But Long, who was black, said in a series of social media messages posted in recent days, some from Dallas, that he was fed up with the mistreatment of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement, and praised the attack on Dallas police.

A day after his killing, another black man, Philando Castile, 32, was shot to death by a policeman during a traffic stop near St. Paul, Minnesota.

Louisiana state police spokesman Colonel Mike Edmonson said that Mr Long had definitely been "seeking out" police to shoot.

At one point, asked how he felt after he'd taken three lives, Bourque replied, "This is going to sound really messed up, but I felt pretty accomplished". But such a conversation can not take place as police are being targeted in racially motivated slayings. "No one's flawless but we've got the best on the face of the earth", Williams said.

"Clearly the landscape has changed since Dallas", he added.

The wrong, of course, is more than the eight officers being murdered - and another in Baton Rouge was in critical condition Monday.

"Police officers know this is a risky job", Stephens says.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said Long, who was from Kansas City, Missouri, came to Baton Rouge "to do harm to our community" and specifically to harm law enforcement officers.

While the Washitaw Nation doesn't outright encourage violence, there have been 19 incidents of anti-government violence carried out by Moorish sovereign adherents since 9/11, including the shootings in Baton Rouge carried out by Gavin Long Sunday, according to MacNab. The dying moments of both men were captured in video footage that went viral online.

The murder of five Dallas officers came during a protest against police brutality.

A picture of slain officer Matthew Gerald is placed at a memorial on July 18, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Montrell Jackson, one of the police officers killed in Baton Rouge. Only 7 percent of deployments were for 'hostage, barricade, or active shooter scenarios.' SWAT teams also were found to be more likely than other police to use 'violent tactics and equipment'.

"His actions were not so much ideological", the official said, describing him instead as a mentally troubled person. A pistol and another rifle would later also be recovered at the scene.

The fatal shot, Edmonson said, was taken from more than 100 yards away. More negative for police performance than being jittery, she said, is the feeling that they've lost the full confidence of police chiefs, elected officials and community leaders who second-guess their decisions without full information.

While little is known about his early life, military records show that Long was a Marine from 2005 to 2010, attaining the rank of sergeant. We would not be first world unless we had a great police force.

Two of the officers have died, Baton Rouge's chief administrative officer told the Advocate Newspaper.

In 2015, Long legally changed his name to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra, claiming to be a member of the Washitaw Nation, a group of African-Americans claiming to be a Native American nation in the United States. Washitaw is a black nationalist movement that was once targeted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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