Six Prime Day copycat sales you can shop right now

Amazon Prime Day offers the online shopping service's Prime users a 24-hour sale on many products, with new deals starting as often as every five minutes throughout the day.

The day of deals for Amazon Prime subscribers began at 3 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday in the U.S. Amazon spokeswoman Julie Law said that Amazon was offering many different types of deals no matter how weird they may seem. Last year, Amazon sold 398 items per second on Prime Day. According to Amazon, the best-selling items so far run the gamut from Tide laundry detergent to SanDisk 64GB microSD cards.

If you're wondering which high-profile Prime Day deals really do deliver and offer you the best prices, we've got just the list below.

Prime Day 2016 is upon us and to be perfectly honest, it's everything Amazon has been promising and then some. Outside of the traditional holiday peaks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers have been successful at driving sales in off-periods - such as Alibaba's (BABA) Singles Day,'s (JD) Anniversary day or Christmas in July promotions.

This is a not-so-subtle poke at the fact that only Prime members can take part in Amazon's Prime Day sales, and Prime membership, as rival retailers are quick to point out, costs $99/year.

Amazon's Prime Day is finally here.

On Tuesday, some customers were reporting difficulty with the checkout and Amazon said it is working to resolve the issue.

Last year's Prime Day was plagued with complaints about deals on things that "nobody really wanted" or deals that sold out too quickly. "Following last year's record sales, we have dramatically increased the inventory behind many deals". You can expect savings on Amazon gadgets like Fire Tablets and Fire TV. Amazon is promising this year will be even bigger.

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart (WMT) and Target (TGT) have been beefing up their e-commerce operations and are again hosting deals of their own on Prime Day.

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