Skype chatbots have group chats, visual cards and more

New kind of cards in which chatbots can deliver messages in Skype

Above New kind of cards in which chatbots can deliver messages

"You can start developing using the new SDK today and test it using the emulator or the developer version of the Skype Web App. You will be able to publish bots built using the new API when Skype apps supporting the new features are released for desktop and mobile platforms in a few weeks". Making it even more easier, Microsoft has now brought Skype Bot Platform and the Microsoft Bot Framework under one umbrella.

Microsoft, via the "Garage & Updates" Skype blog, has said that an announcement will take place at 7am PST (3pm GMT) on July 13 about Skype for Linux. Microsoft is also working on enabling single sign-in on cards so that users will have to authorize their credentials only once.

The new update makes Skype chatbots capable of responding to messages from multiple users in a group chat.

While we can't think of the last time we, along with our friends, chatted with a bot en masse, Microsoft's tweak will now give those looking to make game-themed bots a bit more flexibility (at least). However, Skype hasn't yet got to fully deploy its bot services, which is what Microsoft is trying to erase partially through the new update.

Create visual cards for compelling user to bot interactions with image cards, carousels, and receipts. The update lets developers add cards for in-conversation functionality, letting folks do things like reserve hotel rooms without having to leave chat. Third-party authentication for other applications is now possible through Skype as well.

Skype is working with Bing to enable natural language understanding to be built directly into Skype Bots via Bing Entity and Intent detection.

At this year's Build conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared the company's vision of a future in which artificial intelligence (AI) such as Cortana would work with bots, programmed to perform specific tasks.

This March, Skype announced that it would begin rolling out a new feature called Skype Bots to enhance the platform's user experience. Developers can also access bot building resources through the Framework's hub.

Most big tech industry players such as Google, Slack, Facebook and Telegram are head-to-head in the massive bot race.

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