Slain DART Officer Was a Newlywed

A gunman, believed to be the same shooter, then engaged in a violent, three-hour standoff with SWAT officers, police said. Smith joined the Dallas Police Department in 1989, according to his sister who spoke to the Beaumont-based station. Philadelphia police are now riding two officers to a cruiser - a safety precaution that's a direct reaction to the Dallas ambush. What happened wasn't simply an attack on law enforcement officers. Seconds later, the officer was hit and the gunman fled. Thursday night in a peaceful demonstration local activists and faith leaders in town for the AME Church convention held a protest for both of the slain men. Eyewitnesses reported shots were coming from above. "So kind of natural instinct kicked in and we started telling people, 'Go back that way".

We'll keep you updated as more information comes out about the suspects.

The Dallas shooter had at least two weapons with him, a rifle and a handgun, two law enforcement officials tell CNN's Evan Perez and Shimon Prokupecz. One civilian, who attended the protest with her four sons, was shot in the right calf after she threw herself over her children when the shooting began. In the chaos, officers ran to the aid of fallen colleagues. "He said he was upset about the recent police shootings".

In a statement released on Friday, the army said Micah Xavier Johnson served with United States forces from March 2009 to April 2015 and was a carpentry and masonry specialist with the 420th Engineering Brigade based in Texas. In that conversation, they learned of his motives.

Our sister station in Houston, KHOU, has confirmed that Johnson was connected to the New Black Panther Party three years ago for a few months before he was kicked out of the group. "Regardless of how angry or upset people may be, resorting to this kind of sickening violence should never happen and simply can not be tolerated", Sterling's family said, in a statement, in response to the Dallas shootings. "Dallas officers are hurting", Dallas police chief David Brown said during a press conference on Friday, July 8.

DeSpain said he was unaware of any patrol changes Madison police were making, but said officers were advised during shift briefings to be especially diligent. Officers used an explosive device to kill Johnson, Chief Brown said. The suspect was killed.

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