Slain in BR, officer Matthew Gerald called 'a damn good man'

Source WAFB

Source WAFB

On Sunday, a man identified as Gavin Long of Kansas City went on a shooting rampage on his 29th birthday that left two police officers and a sheriff's deputy dead, police sources said.

The Baton Rouge killings came 12 days after the July 5 death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, a black man killed by white officers.

The next day, a black gunman in Dallas, Texas, opened fire on police at a protest about the police shootings, killing five officers.

Baton Rouge police responded to a call around 8:30 a.m.

A suspect is dead. Authorities initially believed that two other assailants might be at large, but hours later said the dead gunman was the only person who fired at the officers. But a US government official told Reuters the gunman had been identified as Gavin Long, of Kansas City, Missouri.

Two other law enforcement officers were killed and three others injured in the attack.

A Facebook page belonging to Matthew Gerald in Baton Rouge featured images of law enforcement badges, and friends and family posted condolences on a page that appeared to belong to his wife. "I know a lot of you know Brad and his family". A fourth voice then says some officers are being taken to hospital, "I'll be trailing them, alright?"

She said her brother had married in recent years and had a baby boy he adored.

"I remember Montrell got on Facebook the other day and posted that he hopes that his son won't ever become a police officer so he wouldn't have to deal with the BS that comes with the job", he said.

Garafola had worked for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office for 24 years.

"To me, this is not so much about gun control as it is about what's in men's hearts", said Edmonson, who like some of his colleagues who spoke in the press conference, was clearly shaken. "In uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat". "We're in uncharted waters here at this particular time in American policing", he said.

Now the board outside the FOP Lodge also displays a message of support for Baton Rouge, a city that lost three officers Sunday in an ambush on law enforcement.

Long had posted videos on the internet complaining about police treatment of African-Americans.

"I just think everybody needs to take into consideration everyone's surrounding, everyone's thoughts, and just try to treat each other right", said Sorrell.

Friends said Gerald deployed to Iraq three times, describing to the newspaper as an avid Louisiana State University football fan who loved bass fishing.

He just got his police cruiser about two months ago.

He said he was fond of shoes and had a collection of more than 500 pairs - such as special Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan shoes.

"We do not have an active shooter scenario in Baton Rouge", said Mr Edmonson.

The Baton Rouge attack unfolded hours after a domestic violence suspect opened fire early Sunday on a Milwaukee police officer who was sitting in his squad vehicle.

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