SpaceX launch a 'booming' success

Unfortunately, none of the boosters were technically capable of a second launch. The first such space taxi could be ready for a space station visit as early as next year. It touched down at SpaceX's Landing Zone 1, near the launch pad.

"It's really good we have an global standard now that anybody can build against and come dock to the station or to anything that has the same standard", David Clemen, Boeing's director of Development and Modifications for the space station, said in a NASA statement. At that time, 11 Orbcomm telecommunication satellites were sent into space.

The SpaceX Dragon craft will deliver its payload to the station Wednesday morning - but the mission has already been something of a success, as Brendan Byrne of member station WMFE reports. The mission hopes to make up for one last summer when SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket failed for the first time.

Dragon has been able to reach the orbit successfully.

However, a notable piece of cargo is an adapter that will equip the space station with hardware that will automatically capture and lock into place human shuttles from the the future. The equipment will test whether an astronaut can sequence DNA in microgravity to identify microbes, monitor crew health, and possibly detect DNA-based life off the Earth, according to NASA.

Set to arrive at the International Space Station (ISS), the 5,000lb of cargo includes instruments that would help perform the first-ever DNA sequencing in space, and the first international docking adapter for commercial spacecraft.

Shortly after midnight Monday a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral lifting a spacecraft full of supplies including a new spacecraft docking hatch for the International Space Station.

The rocket landed safely at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Four of the company's previous landings saw the first stage touchdown on a robot drone ship.

SpaceX, meanwhile, had its sights not only on orbit, but also on the ground. The news was greeted with whoops and hollers from hundreds of SpaceX employees who gathered at the company's headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif. SpaceX is working to recover its first-stage Falcon 9 boosters in order to pave the way for rocket reusability and cheaper access to space.

"Each commercial resupply flight to the space station is a significant event". The unmanned rocket Falcon 9 was scheduled to launch earlier, today. The company is developing rockets that can be re-used, potentially cutting down on launch costs.

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