Stanton, Frazier meet in final round of Home Run Derby

After being eliminated by a deficit that a mortal wouldn't be able to overcome, Cano walked from the batter's box at Petco Park and waiting for him was his 5-year-old son, Robinson, clad in a matching uniform. Trumbo managed to salvage his pride with a valiant effort, tallying 14 big flies of his own. So, 10 home runs would equal 10% off at any future home game, 25 would equal 25% off, and 61 would, in theory, equal 61% off, knocking $218 seats down to $164.

Stanton hit a single-event record 61 Monday night to become the first Marlin to win the event.

Frazier went second in all three rounds, but wore out by the finals.

Ten of Trumbo's shots travelled more than 440 feet with a long of 479. Things don't change. You know your swing now if you're a professional. A year after blasting 70 home runs, he - along with Sammy Sosa and Griffey - lit up the Boston skies in 1999. Stanton even used a Barry Bonds game used bat during the derby. "I had a great time. I had a blast". Stanton and Frazier were both chosen for the Home Run Derby without being chosen for the All-Star Game.

"I got robbed twice, man", Frazier said, laughing. "No pressure. They just asked me if I wanted to and I said 'probably not'".

Stanton outlasted last year's Home Run Derby champion, Todd Frazier of the Chicago White Sox (he won the derby in Cincinnati as a member of the Reds last summer). "I grew up watching this. I would like to return that".

For Cano, having his son there for his first All-Star Game experience was enough. "I remember seeing that, and just being so shocked", Sale said. "I'm just happy that he's here".

The quality of the Derby was improved tremendously with last year's change to a timed format as opposed to limited swings for hitters.

The only question now is how long before Stanton comes back to grace baseball fans with another power display again. He sent several balls just below the giant scoreboard high atop the left-field stands and several over the bullpens in left-center.

"It's good and bad", he said.

Baseball fans, you might want to set the DVR right now.

Duvall went first in this showdown and continued to do what he did in the first round. Seager's longest homer traveled 455 feet. And quite properly the victor also had the longest homer of the night measuring 497 feet.

In the last two quarter-finals Adam Duvall beat hometown Padres hero Will Myers, while 2015 Derby champion Frazier made it look easy as he beat Carlos Gonzales 12-11. Before we got our first glimpse of Giancarlo Stanton, it seemed like it might be Trumbo's night. Frazier edged Duval 16-15.

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