Steve Price calls feminist Van Badham "hysterical"

The audience gasped and a camera cut to Mr Chawla who appeared to gawk with shock

The audience gasped and a camera cut to Mr Chawla who appeared to gawk with shock

'My sister Nikita was stabbed to death with a meat cleaver by her partner in January 2015.

"Don't tar me with their brush", he said.

Tarang Chawla spoke of thebrutal murder of his sister Nikita by her husband previous year before asking the ABC talk show panel how "politicians and the media can play a better role in bringing about long overdue cultural shifts so tragedies like what happened to my family are not normalised".

This prompted Price to again defend McGuire's role in the episode, saying "Eddie apologised immediately" and that "too much was made of what was originally a joke on a football show".

'I will describe things as I see them, ' Price said.

The reaction to this insanely out-of-touch and sexist approach to a woman, just expressing her opinion, has not gone unnoticed online.

The radio broadcaster also stood by Footy Show host Sam Newman's follow-up sledge against Wilson and other public figures who critiqued McGuire for what was widely condemned as a misogynistic and dismissive attitude towards women and violence.

Hosts Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore took Price to task for his comments.

When Badham was responding to the question, Price repeatedly interrupted.

Prior to that response, Price claimed he was "ambushed" during Q&A, that he was "an easy target" for women displeased with men and that Ms Badham "had clearly an objective to make me the bad guy".

The broadcaster copped backlash for comments he made on the ABC program after responding to a question about domestic violence and Eddie McGuire's "drowning" joke controversy.

"Using that word to describe me would be different, because for 4000 years women were described as hysterical as a way of trying to say they were irrational, incapable of being reasonable because they had ovaries", Aly said.

"I'm just so disappointed it became all about me", he said. "If that's the way the person is acting I'll call it out every time".

"I didn't try to turn anything into theatre, but I'm not going to be verballed by an aggressive woman sitting next to me who thinks you can only be upset by domestic violence if you're female". She tried to suggest that I would somehow be involved in a joke like that [made about Caroline Wilson].

She said she often defends Price in private, telling her friends "he's really lovely, he's really respectful to me". "I don't need to make judgements about whether it's a man or a woman", he said. "I don't need to change my behaviour in that area".

"This is just further proof that men are not well-suited to the political arena or being in positions of power", a top political analyst told the Backburner.

Price added he's since organised to meet with Chawla and spoken with Victorian Minister for Family Violence, Fiona Richardson.

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