Sylvester Stallone responds to toddler's 'Rocky' training video

YouTubeThe next Rocky in the making

YouTubeThe next Rocky in the making

On July 6, OH dad Zack Magilavy posted a video to Facebook of his toddler son Charlie mimicking the on-screen moves of Sylvester Stallone in 1979′s Rocky II - a training regimen that Charlie refers to as his "workout with Rocky".

Now Charlie will have to prepare for the fight of his life (in a couple of years time) after Stallone offered to take him on in the 10th instalment of the popular boxing films in a tongue-in-cheek Instagram posting yesterday.

His father, meanwhile, was astonished at the clip's sudden popularity and asked viewers to keep the negative comments to themselves.

Magilavy said his son has been "training" like this for the past year.

Little Charlie isn't allowed to watch the fight scenes yet, but the hilarious video shows him in sync with Stallone, step for step, as he trains in "Rocky 2".

According to "Today," 2-year-old Charlie Magilavy of OH loves the scene from the 1979 film so much that he has the moves memorized.

The adorable video has certainly gone viral - it's got two million views and counting - but Zack has a bigger goal in mind: "Who knows - maybe it will make it back to Sly!"

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