That time Kevin Durant was famously bad on the bigscreen

That time Kevin Durant was famously bad on the bigscreen

That time Kevin Durant was famously bad on the bigscreen

Sports' Sam Amick provides his thoughts on Kevin Durant's introductory press conference with the Warriors. Because just like it meant more to LeBron to win one in Cleveland, it would mean more to Kevin to win one in Oklahoma than it would be in Golden State.

"They weren't, though, you know?"

To help fans learn more about Durant, we turned to Gray, best known these days for his role as Ezra Bridger on the animated series "Star Wars Rebels".

Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett, like the rest of the city, is still coping with the reality that Kevin Durant will no longer play for the Thunder. This team then has to lose in the Finals right before the summer when there's a huge jump in the cap and the player that Iguodala and Curry bonded with in 2010 becomes a free agent. Between takes he would shoot and I'd rebound (basically catch the ball every time it went through the net - he never misses). So that put him in the position of either re-signing with Oklahoma City for one year and hoping that he and Westbrook can both remain with the Thunder next offseason, or choosing to go to the Warriors this season.

And with the success of Durant, Westbrook and the Thunder, it made complete sense why that city rallied behind him so passionately.

Kevin Durant shoots some hoops before the news conference about joining the Golden State Warriors at the NBA basketball team's practice facility, Thursday, July 7, 2016, in Oakland, Calif.

There was simply nothing promising about OKC's pitch to KD; they had just traded away an important piece in Serge Ibaka, and Russell Westbrook's looming free agency would be nothing but a distraction throughout the regular season. Plus, the demographic for teenagers lends itself to some campier moments, which I think can be understood. It took me a while to give up on an National Basketball Association dream, even after realizing I was going to top out at 5-9. Well, maybe we should start with who the Warriors have to give up to make the room for Durant. Durant is a strong defender (watch the video above), and looked downright elite against Golden State in the playoffs. By moving to the Warriors, Durant has a new, larger fan base to appeal to, a new team, and a better shot at winning championships and becoming more popular.

KD was very focused, though, and you could tell he eats, sleeps and breathes basketball.

People rooted against the Miami Heat when LeBron James and Chris Bosh signed there, and they got even more hate than the Warriors have been getting.

Together, the two made a trip to the NBA Finals and three other trips to the Western Conference finals. No amount of pandering would be able to extinguish the burning jerseys sitting in the driveways of OKC, but to those who took to these extremes, I have two questions.

"I have no problem with a guy at the end of his career like Karl Malone, or Gary Payton I think did it, something like that".

"We've got as many or more playmakers on the floor as anybody", said Kerr, already planning his training camp strategy on the court and how to prepare his players for even further scrutiny. Instead, the seeds of an eventual super-team were planted.

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