The Bachelorette 2016 Spoilers: Power Rankings - Episode 7

After the episode aired on Monday, Rodgers went on Twitter and wrote about people speaking the truth and seeing the truth for what it is.

"I'm defined by the character I have", he said, whatever that might be, "and I just wanted you to know where I'm coming from with that".

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JoJo invited Alex, the U.S. Marine, on the first one-on-one date - and his first one-on-one date. The first sign of trouble was when one of the gauchos told them you can't learn to be a gaucho; you have to be born one. "I don't know what I'm doing".

If I'm being honest, I hope Robby's ex-girlfriend shows up next week and things just explode.

When JoJo asked if Aaron was aware that Jordan was on the ABC show, he responded, "I don't think so".

"Who puts a hot tub in a winery?" he asked me.

"I can't wait to tell them this is the girl that you've been wanting me to find".

The sepia tones continued as Jordan explains his life living in Aaron's shadow, which has grown considerably large, and how - at the time of taping, anyway - Jordan wasn't even sure if his famous middle brother knew he was going on the show.

The added bonus this time, of course, is that it's a rare chance for Packers fans to learn a little bit about the Rodgers family, who have kept a low profile during Aaron's time in Green Bay (in stark contrast to the gregarious Favre clan when Brett Favre was quarterback).

"And not having a great relationship with my brother Aaron, or what people think that relationship should be, didn't define me", he said.

There was some vague talk about Jordan disapproving of his brother's lack of closeness to the family, including oldest brother Luke, and some backtracking of the criticism, but it's clear that there's a rift of some sort.

Bet airing your differences on national TV will really help that relationship.

Things got weird at the group date with Chase, James, and Robby, and because of inclement weather (it was pouring rain), their outdoor plans got canceled (boo!), and the four holed up in a big hotel suite and had a totally-not-weird group slumber party. JoJo gives the Date Rose to Robby, probably so she can see his Nana scold him for running around in his skivvies on national television. It was all very mature. A one-on-one date allows one man to showoff his horse-riding skills. "I don't feel as excited as I should feel, and that kills me", she said. What am I even watching anymore? She has too much respect for him to fake it any longer.

His departure pretty much proves it's never wise to trash talk your competitors to the lead on this show. James T., 29, showboated by cramming 20-odd french fries in his mouth.

Rose time! Luke, Jordan and Robby have roses.

Entertainment publication Life & Style has revealed details from Fletcher's final rose ceremony.

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