The Outlander Finale Gave Everything We could have Asked For

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan attend "Outlander" and Saks Fifth Avenue Photocall at Saks Fifth Avenue on April 7, 2016 in New York City.

Certainly once she meets Jamie you're never going to root for Claire to go back, you're just not, but I think you have to understand why she'd want to.

Spoilers from tonight's Outlander Season 2 finale can be found throughout this piece. "I'm a fan too and I get it". We're well into it now, and I'm really excited about how it's turning out. Moore also explained that the sophistication of present-day CGI means that the sea sequences will be on par, quality-wise, with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Here's what we do know: Jamie and Claire have another child. "It's no longer just the models on the water tank at Paramount".

The third season of the hit show will focus on Diana Gabaldon's "Voyager", in which we will see some very complicated scenes and a rather complex storyline. "There's more 20th-century stuff. more stuff in Scotland".

Starz has picked up Outlander for two more seasons, but has yet to announce an air date for season 3. We will return to Culloden (and to the younger version of Jamie) for long enough to find out exactly what happened during and after Culloden.

In the episode, we flash forward to 1968, where Claire (Caitriona Balfe) revisits the past and reveals to her daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), the truth about her parentage. But as Claire and Jamie try to change Scotland's history, their relationship may become destroyed in the process. I don't know if we'll play those or not, because I think our Frank is a little different from book Frank. No Jamie. and she's back in her modern time. Set two hundred years before the events of Outlander (well, the parts featuring Jamie, anyway), The Other Queen is filled with scheming, opulence, and lush historical detail. Moore told Entertainment Weekly, "Unfortunately, his role will come to an end relatively soon". It's not over yet. As a non-book reader we were shocked to see her college-aged daughter with Jamie! There are certain things about Frank in "Voyager" that come out that he's not so nice a guy.

Claire Heads Back to the Past. In an interview with Variety, Heughan said that TV series will now focus on showing who his character is without his wife and how he manages to live on after losing the love of his life. That made me cry, I love that moment.

If you haven't read the books, what was your reaction to the jump to the future?

Brianna wants to know about Jamie, "Tell me about him". But I know we're not shooting exclusively in Scotland - we have to find a ship and a tank and facilities and sets and the whole nine yards to do a sea voyage, because there's an extended sea voyage.

Claire is back in modern times and drives over to Lallybroch, and visits the Culloden Moor memorial and sees her dragonfly in amber from Munroe. They were there to attend the wake of Reverend Wakefield, a colleague of Frank's we met in season one. If the intent was to show that she's a woman out of time by having her look not feel like it fit in the world, it ultimately ended up being more distracting than impactful. But I always loved the fact that he was such a good guy.

That's a wrap on Outlander Season 2.

MR: Once we get into production, we lose two writers out of the room to go and prep and cover shooting.

"Outlander" producer claimed that it is not a matter of if it will happen, but how, when and where. They say their wedding vows.

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