This video shows how gross Florida's toxic algae blooms really are

Concerned residents followed Nelson on his water tour, some asking why this keeps happening and why more hasn't been done since the most recent large algae bloom in 2013.

That includes streamlining procedures to enter contracts, hire employees, use volunteers and spend public money on anti-algae projects.

While the impacts of pollution from Big Ag may seem like a distant thought to most of us, the typically pristine beaches of the Treasure Coast covered in blue-green algae are a reminder that what happens on the farm doesn't always stay on the farm. Officials want federal action along a stretch of Florida's Atlantic coast where the governor has declared a state of.

Stuart city officials voted at a special meeting Wednesday to join the county in declaring a local state of emergency. "(The manatee was) clearly was in search of fresh water as well as struggling to clear its airways", Chris Mascia Palas, a resident of Stuart, Florida, wrote on Facebook. There is no effective treatment to stop the algae or remove it from the water.

The algae was first discovered last month in Lake Okeechobee. At other sites, particularly bays and backwaters, the bloom has grown into mats several inches thick with a strong, acrid smell as some of the cells die.

The brown water seen around Southwest Florida is just one of the water woes stemming from Lake Okeechobee's releases and runoff.

Scott has asked state and local authorities to pursue water storage alternatives to reduce the blooms' spread through St. Lucie and Martin counties. On Thursday, responding to Nelson's comments, a spokeswoman for Scott called on the senator to work to obtain funding for projects needed to deal with the problem.

Rubio, a Republican, is visiting the area Friday, but details about a location and time were not available Wednesday.

Florida's USA senators, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Bill Nelson, have joined Martin County commissioners in calling for the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the flow of water between the river and Lake Okeechobee.

Legislators, including state Reps. Those rules govern all aspects of the Army Corps discharging water into the St. Lucie River, and are based on the lake level, current conditions and weather forecast.

Despite repairs in parts of the dike, raising the lake level could create the risk of a breach in others, said Army Corps spokesman John H. Campbell.

Scott also announced that the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity is activating a virtual emergency operations center to determine the effect the algae bloom is having on local businesses.

"Our water managers have dealt with such large quantities of rain and runoff entering the lake that it would cover the entire state of DE in 2 feet of water".

In a prepared statement, U.S. Sen.

"Senator Nelson has spent almost 30 years in Congress and it would be nice if he would have spent time to get funding to fix the federally operated Herbert Hoover Dike, which the federal government has failed to repair", said Jackie Schutz, spokeswoman for the governor.

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