Trump announces Pence as his running mate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (right) and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence wave before addressing the crowd during a campaign stop in Westfield, Ind., on July 12, 2016.

Pence is well-liked by many who know and deal with him on a personal level, but he won't he provide much of a "warm and fuzzy" alternative to Trump's ego-driven assaults.

Trump's choice of Pence as his running mate adds political experience - and a dose of unflappability - to the Republican presidential ticket.

Pence ran for governor in 2012 after serving in the U.S. Congress. His campaign for governor received more than US$850,000 from the energy sector, about 3 per cent of the total, according to campaign finance disclosures. With Pence sitting in a NY hotel, Trump made a decision to postpone the announcement.

Trump announced his vice presidential pick on Twitter Friday morning, and other Republicans and groups shared their praise.

Pence had already flown to New York City before Trump announced the postponement.

That Republican also spoke on condition of anonymity, because the person was not authorized to publicly discuss the conversation.

The announcement comes three days before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, which is sure to be a spectacle.

The billionaire said in a series of television interviews Thursday night that he'd not yet settled on a "final, final" choice, leaving open the possibility the unpredictable presumptive nominee could change his mind.

As Trump talks about targeting those companies like Carrier who leave the country, one has to wonder how Pence will answer questions about how he allowed it to happen on his watch.

IN law bars a candidate from seeking multiple state and federal offices at the same time, so Pence had to file paperwork before noon Friday with state election officials to take his name off the gubernatorial ballot so state Republican leaders can pick a new candidate for governor.

"Never waffled once he made his decision", Manafort wrote in an email. He told The Associated Press he had not received a call from Trump telling him he wasn't getting the job.

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