Trump delays VP pick in wake of Bastille Day attack

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks during the Innovation Showcase Thursday

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks during the Innovation Showcase Thursday

Trump is set to make his choice of Pence official at 11 a.m. Eastern time Friday.

"In light of the terrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow's news conference concerning my Vice Presidential announcement", said Trump.

"A decision has not been made by Mr. Trump", spokesman Jason Miller tweeted early Thursday afternoon. "I mean, I've got three people that are fantastic". "I don't think it will have a huge impact". Just a fantastic person. "I don't think it will derail the campaign moving forward".

Donald Trump Jr. told NBC News that his father was deciding among Pence, Newt Gingrich, and Chris Christie.

Trump has made overtures to the LGBT community-arguing most recently after the Orlando shooting that he was a better friend to gays than Clinton.

A formal decision will be announced on Friday by the Trump campaign.

But he faces the challenge of relinquishing his re-election bid for Trump's offer because IN law does not encourage seeking two offices at the same time.

Supporters of the Purdue University president had launched a "Draft Mitch" effort if Donald Trump names Pence as his vice presidential running mate.

Deb Fleming, a St. Joseph County commissioner, and Nick Barbknecht, a LaPorte developer, are two of the 22 people on the Indiana GOP's state committee.

Sanders said that even with Pence on the ticket, he still sees it as Trump's campaign.

But, according to many reports Thursday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Trump's choice for vice president.

Barker added that he didn't know how much impact Pence would really have on the ticket, since it is unlikely he would be able to steal any of the focus from a candidate such as Trump.

Conservatives off the Hill showed their support for Pence as well. He endorsed Trump shortly after he won his state - a win that effectively ended the GOP primary after Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped out.

Instead, "wedge issues", such as Pence's vote against the Medicare Part D expansion that provides millions of older Americans with prescription drug benefits, could be what earns or loses the Trump ticket votes.

He hasn't avoided criticizing Trump, though.

Trump's prospective running mate has also taken different positions on free trade and a proposal to at least temporarily bar Muslims from entering the United States.

He also downplayed his disagreements with Trump on policy. "I believe he represents the kind of strong leadership at home and overseas that will, to borrow a phrase, make America great again". Mr. Pence could reinforce Mr. Trump's strengths in both areas.

Every time they praise Trump's leadership skills, these political opportunists should be asked about the candidate's apparent ignorance of the Constitution and his contempt for essential principles such as freedom of speech.

Pence, 57, was born in Columbus, Indiana, a town about 40 miles south of Indianapolis, where his father ran a chain of gas stations. A longtime member of Congress before being elected governor, Pence ascended through the ranks during the era of Reps.

"A campaign ought to be about the advancement of issues whose success or failure is more significant than that of the candidate", Pence wrote.

"Mike had 12 years as a congressman". Today the House of Representatives starts it lame duck session of the 111th Congress. House Democrats lost over 60 seats in the mid-term elections the giving control of the house to the Republicans.

Lenkowsky isn't as quick to buy the argument that a potential Pence vice presidency is the result of a gubernatorial race tipping out of the incumbent's favor. "My concern with the Syrian refugee program has to do with the country of origin".

A longtime foe of abortion since his days as a USA lawmaker, Pence in March signed restrictive new measures into law, making in only the second U.S. state to prohibit terminating pregnancies because the fetus suffers abnormalities. The in-house media organization would have distributed content to media organizations in Indiana.

Pence scores -20 by NORML for drug reform. He's also overseen a state budget that's in the black. As we await the official announcement, Pence is likely gearing up for a bumpy ride to November.

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