Trump, Gingrich could make strong _ or combustible_ ticket

In its statement, Fox was careful to portray the move as fundamentally a response to media attention, rather than a tip-off to coming news: "Due to the intense media speculation about Gingrich's potential selection as Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate, we felt it best to halt his contributor role on the network to avoid all conflicts of interest that may arise".

If Newt Gingrich ends up as Trump's running mate, he might have to ditch his long-held positions on immigration.

That plays to the strengths of Messrs. But their thoughts on some of the other top issues facing the country?- and which of those issues are most important to them -? vary among young people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. "I clearly have it with Chris and Newt". "That's for sure", Trump said to a crowd in Ohio.

Donald Trump is on the cusp of picking his running mate - and it might make white supremacists very, very upset.

"It is more risky to be black in America", Gingrich said.

"I don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president".

Donald Trump, however, has built his campaign on the politics of division, referring to Mexicans as rapists and criminals, women as menstruating "dogs" and "pigs" who should be sanctioned for abortions, the disabled as objects of mockery, and Muslims as terrorist sympathizers who should be tracked (if here) and banned (if not). Trump said to raucous cheers.

Newt Gingrich speaks at a Republican party celebration at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Ala.

"My argument is the policies that have driven us apart, the policies that have trapped African-Americans in all too large numbers in poverty and in hopelessness [are] the ideological policies that say, 'black lives matter, '" Gingrich said. "If they want a person who believes in the Constitution, who believes in the rule of law, who believes we have big challenges we are facing like illegal immigration, our economic conditions, education, and we have to get those things back on track, then you're speaking to him". "Engage them in conversations", he told CNN in a phone interview. Trump, however, regularly refers to NAFTA as the "worst trade deal" in history and has vowed to launch blistering trade wars against our partners.

Accepting the endorsement of her primary rival in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Tuesday, Clinton said she was happy to be working with someone who has energized the primary process.

Trump's campaign is trying to woo disgruntled Sanders supporters opposed to Clinton.

The convention is July 25-28 at the Wells Fargo Center.

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