Trump leads Clinton in Kansas, but voters hold negative views of both

Still, 53% say they believe he is qualified to serve as president if necessary and 57% say the choice of Pence reflects favorably on Trump's ability to make important presidential decisions. And although more say they'd be proud to have her as president than say so about Trump, almost 6-in-10 say they wouldn't be proud should Clinton win the presidency. Her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, calls her "crooked" at virtually every campaign appearance.

Thompson, of CT, said he supported neurosurgeon Ben Carson's campaign in the Republican primaries but recently placed a Trump bumper sticker on his vehicle.

In Michigan, Clinton leads 42 percent to 39 percent, a small lead in a usually blue, if competitive, state.

The institute poll was not concerned exclusively with college students.

"She's a crook, and I'm not going to vote for a crook", Ms. Bailey said, adding that she would write in Mr. Sanders' name on the November ballot. "I'm anxious about his comments and how people can support comments like that".

This poll showed a major gender gap in Florida with Clinton ahead of Trump with female voters by 18 percent while the Republican was ahead with male voters by 11 percent.

Clinton had a 37 percent favorable and 58 percent unfavorable rating, for a net negative of 21 points. She also talked about immigration reform with the path to citizenship. More than half thought Trump would be better at creating jobs and dealing with ISIS.

"He talks like he can deal with China and different countries in the Middle East". She leads by 12 in the question of who people think will win.

Mrs. Clinton has largely based her campaign on lifting the economic fortunes of a middle class that has felt squeezed after almost 15 years of stagnant wages, a message that should fit with the current climate.

Some 55 percent thought Clinton would be better for Muslims, while just 9 percent thought Trump would be. But Knope also acknowledged dissatisfaction with his options. But asked if he would characterize himself as "pro-life", he said: "I've never embraced labels". "I like the fact that he's not from the political machine".

The CNN/ORC Poll was conducted by telephone July 13 through 16 among a random national sample of 1,013 adults, including 872 registered voters.

Only 22 percent of respondents had a positive view of Brownback. People selected for KnowledgePanel who didn't have access to the Internet were provided access for free. Larry is our main news editor.

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