Trump Narrows Down VP Search; Gingrich and Pence Make the Cut

If he is Trump's pick, Pence has until noon on Friday to decide whether or not to pull his name off the ballot as governor - something he'd have to do in order to run as vice president, because of in law, an official told CNN.

Christie was a competitor candidate of Trump's in 2016. "We have great speakers, we have winners, we have people that aren't only political people", he added on Fox News on Tuesday.

Concerned Trump was unsure and torn about his choice and maybe leaning in a direction they didn't like, his children - Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka - hopped on a plane early in the morning to reach him. Trump, a political novice, has said for weeks that he wanted a running mate who could help him work with Congress. But he said in an interview with Fox News' Bret Baier that he was trimming his short-list.

Pence, who is locked in a tough re-election battle with Democrat John Gregg in IN, has campaign stops scheduled in Muncie and Fort Wayne later today.

The U.S. senator from Alabama was the first senator to endorse Trump during the time when several Republican presidential candidates were still competing with Trump.

To conclude, here's a reminder that Iowan Ernst was considered by the Trump team.

A former USA attorney, Christie, 53, is widely seen as one of his party's most talented retail politicians and has proven himself a biting attack dog on the trail.

Trump's children met with Christie on Tuesday, a source close to the governor confirmed, describing the meeting as good and saying both parties had an existing relationship and were already friendly.

"I tell you, Chris Christie is somebody I've liked a long time; he's a total professional".

And if Trump wants someone more conventional, he could turn to Pence.

"We'll have a visit I think", Sessions told CNN's Sunlen Serfaty.

The program includes more than a dozen current or former elected officials, including the leaders of the party's congressional wing, House Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.).

Trump and his family unexpectedly dined with Pence and his wife at a swanky Downtown restaurant Tuesday night, then had breakfast at the governor's residence the next morning.

Former Trump adviser Michael Caputo said Pence fit that bill. "He's a good guy, by the way, a lot of people don't understand that", he said.

A Pence campaign official told CNN Wednesday night that it is still moving forward with cutting gubernatorial re-election ads, knocking on doors and other campaign activities until getting the final word from the governor.

Trump, meanwhile, is doing all he can to stoke speculation about whom he will tap as his running mate, but little to tip his hand.

Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich onstage at a rally in Ohio.

Former President George W. Bush appointed Christie as a federal prosecutor in 2001, a job he held until running for and winning election as governor in 2009.

In a brief interview with The Associated Press, Gingrich said he was still expecting to hear from the Republican nominee Thursday.

All three of the finalists have had extensive conversations with Trump and his family in recent days.

Gingrich, who has been active on the social media venue, hosted a Facebook Live event with Trump earlier this month.

Trump's penchant for the unpredictable, of course, means the selection process remains fluid.

"I will be making the announcement of my Vice Presidential pick on Friday at 11 Manhattan", Trump tweeted late in the day. However, the documents have not been filed, according to the Republican, who insisted on anonymity because that person was not authorized to publicly discuss Pence's plans.

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