Trump running mate Mike Pence 'man of honour'

Indiana Governor Mike Pence at a 2015 press conference

Indiana Governor Mike Pence at a 2015 press conference. Aaron P. Bernstein Getty Images

"Donald Trump is a good man and he will make a great president of the United States of America", Pence added. Donald Trump's introduction of Mike Pence was shocking.

Trump and Pence agree on many issues, but disagree, according to public statements, on items such as free trade and the war on Iraq, but Sessions said he believes the two candidates can work that out.

The silver-haired 57-year-old does, indeed, look nearly stereotypically presidential, and when he finally did take the stage Saturday after Trump spoke alone for about half an hour, he addressed the audience in a way voters might more familiarly expect of their politicians.

When Trump ultimately ceded the microphone to Pence, rather than stand beside him while he delivered his remarks, Trump walked off the stage.

Pence's connections could help ease tensions with a Republican Party still having a hard time digesting Trump, and raise funds for the campaign.

He said of the new Republican ticket, "We are the law and order candidates and this is the law and order party".

Kennedy, who originally supported Ted Cruz, said the memory of Trump's consorting with New York Democrats is still too fresh. "I said, 'Who did he endorse?'" He called Pence a, "solid, person", and said Pence was his first choice as a running mate.

The pro-gay rights group Log Cabin Republicans said it would seek to pressure the Republican Party at the Cleveland national convention to adopt a more gay-friendly policy platform, including by running a full-page ad in a local paper.

186914186915186915What to expect from Trump and Pence at RNCPresumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump formally introduced his running mate Saturday as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

The billionaire businessman strode first onto the stage that featured a backdrop of 10 American flags.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee was cheered by a crowd of several hundred friends and local Republicans.

In thanking Trump for his appointment, Pence described the NY businessman as a "builder", a "fighter", and a "patriotic American" who will bring "no-nonsense leadership" to Washington, D.C.

Contrasting his new running mate with his Democratic election opponent, Trump said Pence is "a man of honor", while "Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of corruption". As the video ends, the words on the screen read, "Donald Trump. Always divisive. Not so decisive". Trump then preempted his own press conference by announcing his choice Friday on Twitter. Top advisers vigorously deny he considered making a late change, with campaign chairman Paul Manafort saying he "never waffled once he made his decision".

Pence is next headed to IN for a "welcome home" rally Saturday evening-unaccompanied by his fellow candidate.

Around that same time, Pence told reporters he opposed resettling Syrian war refugees in IN - having recently signed an order suspending such migration - but reiterated the ban was too extreme for him to endorse.

Pence touted Trump's pledges to repeal Obamacare, revive the coal industry and toughen the nation's immigration policy. She was dismayed by the choice of Pence.

"OK? I will take it", he said.

The real-estate mogul is set to officially accept the Republican nomination for president next week in Cleveland. Oddly, competitive battleground states Colorado and Virginia are in the back.

Trump chose Pence in part to ease some Republicans' concerns about Trump's temperament and lack of political experience.

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