Trump Showcases Pence as Running Mate while Attacking Clinton

Trump Showcases Pence as Running Mate while Attacking Clinton

Trump Showcases Pence as Running Mate while Attacking Clinton

Josh Pitcock, Pence's federal lobbyist and a former congressional staffer for Pence, will write policy for the Pence VP campaign.

"Donald Trump is a good man and he will make a great president of the United States of America", he said.

He's a veteran Washington insider.

"When I see what happened in IN, that to me was probably the single most important part", Trump said.

As governor, Pence came under fire after signing a so-called religious freedom bill that opponents said would have allowed businesses to discriminate against gays, but he later revised the legislation.

Pence, 57, has served as governor of IN since 2013 and also represented the state IN Congress for more than a decade.

Trump declared that he and Pence are "the law-and-order candidates."

Pence is a nice Midwestern guy, the sort who doesn't seem to like to go negative or make news. He praised Trump effusively as "a good man", a fighter, a legendary businessman and a patriotic American.

With their chaotic courtship behind them, Donald Trump and Gov.

After announcing that IN was recently recognized by Chief Executive magazine as the number one state IN the USA for business, Trump returned to the topic at hand: Trump.

Pence spent most of his time at his brief welcome home rally thanking those who made what he described "this unimaginable moment" possible.

No Donald Trump-style tangents, no improvised riffs, no bluster. He predicted that Pence would have won re-election as governor, were he not running for vice president.

"It was the single greatest non-endorsement I've ever had in my life", Trump said Saturday.

Mr Trump spoke first, while Mr Pence stood off stage out of view - he then exited the stage while Mr Pence spoke, and the two shook hands afterward and posed for pictures with supporters.

He called Trump out over his attacks on the ethnicity of the judge overseeing the trump university case.

"I think if you look at one of the big reasons that I chose Mike - and one of the reasons is party unity, I have to be honest", he said.

He also softened his vocal opposition to Trump's call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Mr Trump insisted Mr Pence was his first choice despite lingering media reports that he had considered changing his mind up to the last minute.

Pence has tried to downplay the criticism in recent weeks. Christie was said to be a better fit for Trump, but his previous prosecution of Charles Kushner, father of Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has become a close Trump confidant, tore at Trump's family loyalties. I've occasionally taken issue with things he's said myself and Republicans have every right to do that.

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