Trump Takes to Twitter to Make Veep Pick Official

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy seemed to make amends with the Bernie Sanders campaign at the Democratic Party Platform Committee meeting in Orlando, Fla. The duo will head to Cleveland next week for the Republican National Convention.

Rabbi Haskel Lookstein writes in an email to his congregation that he had agreed to deliver the invocation "out of respect" for Ivanka Trump.

The Republican Jewish Coalition's relationship with presumptive nominee Donald Trump is ... complicated. Speaking to Fox News Thursday, he said, "This is war". Material the DGA meant to use in Pence's re-election now is part of the presidential campaign, including a religious freedom law passed in response to the legalization of gay marriage.

Conservative Republicans who don't like Donald Trump now have a soul mate in his running mate, while Democrats have a new target.

But at the same time he commended Trump's understanding of Republican voters.

Donald Trump (R) has named Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate.

Bash tweeted out the report Friday afternoon, a few hours after the dust had settled on Trump's official announcement, which came via Twitter instead of an originally planned news conference.

By making the announcement so soon after saying he was postponing it, Trump to some is "going to look unpresidential, and as if he doesn't have the temperament to lead", says Maclen Zilber, a political consultant at Jacobson & Zilber Strategies.

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the Republican controlled House, has sensitive relations with Trump but calls Pence a good friend.

Along with his current record presiding over an economic recovery in Indiana, Pence brings a number of conservative and establishment bona fides, including his time in House leadership while he was a member of Congress. "We need someone who is steady and secure in his principles, someone who can cut through the noise and make a compelling case for conservatism".

Trump's selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence meets numerous goals he set for a potential vice president: Pence is a practicing politician who could help him deal with Congress and also a conservative who could help some "Never Trump" Republicans feel better about the fall campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Mike Pence has only been the VP choice for hours, but it is being reported that Donald Trump has already tried to dump his running mate.

The first-term Republican governor was seeking re-election. He also visited the state in 2010 as the 2012 presidential race was heating up.

The Indiana governor has executive experience and a strong legislative resume from his 12 years in Washington in the House of Representatives.

Pence also last month criticized Trump's speculation that a federal judge born in IN was ruling against him in a lawsuit because of the judge's Mexican ancestry.

Trump says he'll hold a news conference on Saturday morning. Chris Christie told MSNBC he would be bothered if Trump did not put him on the ticket. But he delayed the announcement because of the attacks in Nice, France, late Thursday.

Hillary Clinton highlighted the social conservative's past statements on LGBT and abortion issues on social media.

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