Trump to announce running mate on Friday

"It's Donald Trump, and he has to decide what he believes is best in his gut".

A Trump associate described the conversations with the various contenders as opportunities for Trump to sit with his top candidates and have his family meet them.

Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman, told CNN Wednesday evening that Trump will make his announcement Friday in NY.

Trump was supposed to be at home in New York City Wednesday, but in an unexpected plot twist, found himself spending the night in IN thanks to a broken tire on his private jet.

Governor Christie remains on the short list, but he was not among the candidates who met with the presumptive nominee.

But Trump seems to be flip-flopping on the attributes he's looking for in a vice-president.

Pence is a steady, staunch conservative who would help calm nervous Republican wary of Trump's impulsive style.

Trump was in IN on Tuesday for a fundraiser and rally at Grand Park in which Gov. Mike Pence, one of the possible vice presidential nominees, made the introduction. But Trump has closer personal relationships with Gingrich and Christie. And although they both have dominant personalities, the two have an established rapport and appear comfortable together in public settings. His political experience and his reputation as a staunch social conservative make him an appealing choice for Trump, who has struggled to win over segments of the hard right and the Republican establishment. The Indiana governor also said Trump connected with voters much like Reagan did in the 1980s. "Anyone who did that should be disqualified from ever being commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States of America". Pence said on Twitter on Tuesday. Pence must decide by then whether to run for re-election as Indiana's governor.

Once a hero of social conservatives, Pence ran into controversy a year ago for a "religious freedom law" that would have allowed individuals and corporations to cite their religious beliefs as a reason to refuse goods or services.

"It's great to have them in Indianapolis", he said.

"It was a late plan", Mr Pence said on Wednesday.

Donald Trump will announce who will be his running mate on Friday.

Wilson argued that the upside of Gingrich as VP is that "like Trump, he's a flamethrower and a showman".

Clinton said she has work to do, as well.

"Trump's gut is Christie", one source said.

The downside? "He doesn't bring you New Jersey".

Ginsburg had said that she felt Trump was unqualified for the position. He was later seen leaving a hotel in the same motorcade as Trump's children.

"I wouldn't be happy with anyone but Newt", he said.

Still, these meetings may be happening in IN only by chance-and not as some cruel tease to the candidates who aren't Governor Pence. "But that may be the very reason he is under consideration".

Additionally, CNN is reporting that Newt Gingrich, also believed to be a finalist, is headed to IN to meet with Trump.

"You either have it or you don't", the celebrity businessman and former Atlantic City casino magnate told the newspaper.

"I just want to pick up somebody that's solid, who's smart".

"I'm honored to be considered and humbled to be considered", Pence told reporters Wednesday.

"We'll have a visit I think", Sessions told CNN's Sunlen Serfaty. "I think VP choice matters".

"I don't know if he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the hell knows!"

"It's a little bit like The Apprentice", Mr Gingrich told Fox News Channel.

With that said, it is unclear if the name of Trump's soon-to-be-announced running mate will be released (or leaked) before Friday's event.

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