Trump Tweets He Will Announce VP Pick Friday

It was a day of scripted and unscripted moments as Donald Trump's vice presidential selection played out on live television Wednesday.

Mechanical issues with Trump's plane kept the candidate from leaving IN on Tuesday evening.

Pence says he and Trump talked about the challenges facing the country.

When they emerged than an hour later, Trump and Pence posed arm-in-arm for a photo, shook hands with each other and waved to the reporters gathered on the sidewalk nearby.

Trump also asked each candidate to campaign with him, in what Gingrich called "interviews". Kushner and Trump's children have played important roles in the campaign.

Trump met Tuesday with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his family.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence maneuvered through the Three Rivers Festival grounds Wednesday, all the while waiting and wondering if he'll be picked as Donald Trump's running mate.

Roy Blunt, a congressman from Missouri, who knew Pence well during Pence's 12 years in Congress, said the Indiana Republican would "be a fine addition to the ticket".

The process of choosing a vice presidential partner is a crucial one that often provides early insight into how a nominee might approach the presidency.

IN is a state with particular significance for the presumptive Republican nominee.

Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump will announce his much anticipated pick for vice president on Friday, his campaign chairman told CNN.

The presumptive nominee has not yet made a final decision. "I am narrowing it down. But in my own mind, I probably am thinking about two", he said in a recent interview.

The flurry of activity comes as Trump is expected to announce his running mate on Friday.

The comments echo Trump's remarks to the Journal that he wants a candidate who can help him attack Hillary Clinton and her eventual vice presidential pick.

Trump, his adult children and key staffers have been meeting with vice presidential prospects all week. "Fast but very productive".

In addition to Christie's governing experience, this source said Christie's skills on the debate stage and the campaign trail could be appealing to Trump.

The meeting took place in the governor's mansion.

And Gingrich may have arranged his meeting himself, making his and Sessions' travel to the state all the more intriguing.

"Chris Christie is somebody I've liked for a long time".

"I don't know if he's going to be your governor or your vice president - who the hell knows?"

"I think if he makes the right pick, he will be on his way to solidifying conservative support", Perkins said.

The Republican National Convention begins next Monday in Cleveland. But many conservatives doubt he really is one of them.

Donald Trump and his search for a vice presidential running mate is turning into a drama worthy of reality TV, CNN reports. The Trumps and Pences dined together at the Capital Grille in Indianapolis, staying past midnight.

"Whatever decision is arrived at we'll consider to have been a great honor and mostly a tribute to the people of Indiana", Pence said. "Nothing was offered. Nothing was accepted".

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