Turkey coup attempt: Erdogan reasserts control

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, meanwhile, thanked leaders of the opposition parties in Turkey for strongly opposing the coup attempt.

He reaffirmed full support of the Government and people of Pakistan to the elected Leadership and Government and the people of Turkey.

By Saturday morning, Nuh Yilmaz, a spokesman for Turkish National Intelligence told CNN Turk that the coup had been quashed, adding that small groups were still active.

Amateur footage emerging from Turkey during the night shows the drama as soldiers tried to carry out a coup.

The moment civilians seize control of Turkish state TV.

Amidst news of the chaos and not willing to take any chances, the Indian government issued an advisory in the middle of the night asking Indian citizens in Turkey to not step out of their homes or go to public places.

CNN Turk reports that soldiers have entered its building as well, and they have forced it off-air. "This was done from outside the chain of command".

Mr Gulen denied being behind the coup attempt and condemned it "in the strongest terms". NTV reported that one helicopter was shot down.

More gunfire rings out as a confused nation watches.

During the fighting, 17 police officers were killed in a helicopter attack on police special forces headquarters on the outskirts of Ankara, Anadolu said.

Another unnamed official in the Turkish President's office, speaking on the condition of anonymity tells the Associated Press that at least 60 people have been killed in the attempted coup.

"The Turkish population showed great maturity and courage by defending its institutions", Foreign Minister Ayrault said in a statement. However, reports of sporadic explosions and gunfire are coming in from Istanbul, where Erdogan assured his supporters that the government was now under control of the situation.

Large crowds greeted Erdogan as he emerged from a vehicle at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.

Major infrastructures in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, were closed down including the city's main airport and fighter jets were spotted in the skies.

The military-backed coup declared itself in control on Friday evening (July 15, ) accusing Erdogan's government of destroying Turkey's secular tradition. Helicopters seen over Istanbul. A nearby mosque made an anti-coup announcement over its loudspeakers. "We are on duty and we will continue to conduct our duty until the very end", state-run Anadolu News Agency quoted the President as saying.

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