Turkish lira sinks as prime minister says coup attempt underway

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Turkish lira sinks as prime minister says coup attempt underway

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are reportedly being blocked in Turkey during what appears to be an attempted military coup. Secretary of State John Kerry said he phoned the Turkish foreign minister and emphasised "absolute support for Turkey's democratically elected, civilian government and democratic institutions".

Earlier, U.S. President Barack Obama received briefings from his national security aides on the ongoing situation in Turkey, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally and part of the U.S. coalition in fighting the terror group Islamic State.

NEW YORK, July 15 The Turkish lira fell to a three-week low versus the US dollar in late USA trading on Friday as Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said a group within Turkey's military has attempted to overthrow the government and security forces have been called in to "do what is necessary".

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the street after Erodgan's call to confront the military was broadcast on television.

Warplanes and helicopters roared over Ankara and Reuters reporters saw a helicopter open fire. "We are taking the necessary precautions with (soldiers) who have not joined them and remain within the military chain of command".

U.S. citizens in #Turkey should shelter in place & stay indoors.

Celebratory gunfire erupted in Syria's capital Damascus after the army claimed to have toppled Erdogan.

A Turkish presidential source told Reuters news agency that the statement was not authorised by the army's command. "The perpetrators will pay the heaviest price".

2102 - Head of Istanbul branch of Turkey's ruling AK Party says soldiers enter party building, told to go. "It is an organization built to defend its members against aggression from enemies outside the national territory", said Michael Werz, Ph.D., a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress who focuses in part on security issues in Turkey.

The group said comments by forces supporting the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, about the Gulen movement were "highly irresponsible".

United States military sources were quoted as telling NBC News that Erdogan's presidential jet was allegedly denied landing rights at Istanbul's airport, before it headed out of the country.

The skies above the capital of Ankara are presently occupied with military helicopters while fighter jets are reported to be flying above them at speed.

The military said it seized control "to reinstall the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms, to ensure that the rule of law once again reigns in the country, for the law and order to be reinstated".

2047 - Turkish chief of military staff among hostages taken at military headquarters in Ankara, says state-run Anadolu agency.

"All worldwide agreements and commitments will remain".

The Dogan news agency said traffic on the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges was blocked. "We hope that all of our good relationships with all countries will continue". Video footage showed the bridge being blocked by military vehicles. As the vast Ottoman Empire, what would become Turkey was for centuries a prosperous crossroads for merchants bearing silk and spices and other riches, flourishing under Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16 century.

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