Two people climb over Toledo Zoo fence for Pokemon GO

Two people climb over Toledo Zoo fence for Pokemon GO

Two people climb over Toledo Zoo fence for Pokemon GO

"Pokemon GO" players have certainly had their fair share of run-ins with the law this week - mostly on the wrong side of it.

Police arrested two Pokemon Go players who jumped a fence at an OH zoo in order to play the smartphone game. Brooklyn Democrat Felix Ortiz, who is well known for curbing New Yorker's fun (he's led crusades against sugar, alcohol, and strip clubs), says that Nintendo has a "corporate responsibility" to make sure that its customers don't make bad decisions.

They were spotted on a zoo security camera and were walking through the zoo when they were caught early Thursday.

"There are almost 500 Poke stops in & around the Zoo", they wrote on Facebook.

According to other players, the Toledo Zoo has become as popular for spotting Pokemon as real animals.

Ohio's criminal code classifies trespassing as a fourth degree misdemeanor, which could land the pair in jail for up to 30 days.

With the recent success of Pokemon GO, it seems that many players will go to great lengths just to catch all the Pokemon they could possibly find.

The Toledo Zoo welcomes visitors who may be coming to the zoo to play Pokemon Go, as long as they acknowledge the barriers and safety measures set up to keep visitors safe.

Earlier this week, Bartholomy posted on social media that she was "not above breaking and entering for Pokemon".

Bartholomy and Crawford both pleaded not guilty during a court appearance on Friday.

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