'Vampire Diaries' Alum Tom Felton Joins The Series, Kid Flash's To

Kid Flash & Black garbed Reverse Flash CW The Flash Season 3

'Vampire Diaries' Alum Tom Felton Joins The Series, Kid Flash's To

As it turns out, the man behind the mask is "Vampire Diaries" star, Todd Lasance, which doesn't really confirm this theory, but its likely the reveal will be kept secret until the character makes his debut during season 3.

When season 3 returns, fans will see Nora Allen alive as a result of Barry's (Grant Gustin) actions in season 2's ender. This week, the first photo was released of Keiynan Lonsdale's West in the costume, and to the delight of purists, he looks a lot like his comic book counterpart. But who is this new nemesis?

With the promise of an epic new season through the use of the Flashpoint story arc, and now the reveal of Kid Flash's inclusion in its story line, a reveal of the formidable opponent or dire event that our hero has to face should be well underway.

Season 3 of The CW's The Flash dashes back to the small screen this coming October 4, 2017. If he does, "The Flash" Season 3 is in for an interesting storyline. Although the identity of the character has not yet been confirmed, there are rumors that he will portray Black Flash.

New set photos for "The Flash" season three hinted that Wally West gained speedster abilities and Barry Allen is going to help his friend fight a villain called the Black Racer. Seemingly no longer in possession of his powers or suit, Barry can be seen taking stock of a battle between Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) and a dark new speedster. Kid Flash has arrived, but he's not alone.

Will Black Flash Kill Wally West In "The Flash" Season 3? In an effort to save Patty Spivot, he runs through time and ends up becoming Black Flash.

With this, it is now speculated that the new speedster to be introduced in "The Flash" season 3 is Daniel West, the third person to become the Reverse-Flash. In fact, what Barry did in the season 2 finale could have an adverse effect on other superhero shows under the DC umbrella - "Arrow", "Legends of Tomorrow", and "Supergirl" - that are showing on The CW.

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