Why Pokemon Go is bigger than you thought

Pokemon Go is on everybody's lips right now, with the game shooting to the very top of the Google Play and App Store, raking in millions upon millions of dollars for Nintendo and steadily becoming one of the most swiftly successful games in history. That'll nearly always be true, but here in the first several weeks of the game, updates like these will be especially vital.

Of all the various Nintendo properties, Pokemon is one of their most popular. As suggested by the name, the game uses reality to progress through levels.

Thirdly, the users can meet an accident while they are indulged in gaming.

The game requires users' full attention immediately to the exclusion of all else. In just a week of existence, it's managed to become one of the biggest games of the year, dominating the internet with insane high user numbers.

Pokemon Go players that live in rural areas tend to have lesser experiences than those living in larger cities because of the lack of Gyms and PokeStops.

Since launch, the game has topped 7.5 million downloads and pulled in an average of $1.6 million a day in revenue, according to estimates from research firm SensorTower.

"Agencies have urged players to stay aware of their surroundings and be careful", USA Today reported. People have posted on Twitter about how much they just drive around with their phone in hand, prompting official Twitter accounts from transportation services to straight up tell people not to play the game while driving, which you would reasonably think was an obvious idea.

Once you are in proximity to the "placed" creature, you then use your device's camera to "view" the creature and try to "capture" it. It tracks you wherever you go, and you can see your avatar moving on the on-screen map in the app. Nintendo has officially released Pokemon Go on both the iOS and Android system, and the download count is rising at an astronomical speed.

Scammers are creating their own look-alike Pokémon Go apps in order to get your personal information.

In fact, Pokemon GO could even come to dedicated augmented reality devices like Microsoft's HoloLens or Google's new Google Glass headsets.

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