Women in casino

Women in casino

Women in casino

It is not the new fact that women and men have some differences in psychology. We can say that they can have different points of view. And that is how women can develop gambling business, by creating new standards for games, casinos and rules.

A long time has passed from when we thought that gambling is purely the "boys'" activity, and boys’ privilege. Now the situation is changing, and gradually approaching to the global statistics, which states that the image of a typical casino player is a woman about 45 years old. She loves to travel, dine in cafes, not too prone to religiosity, prefers play the most popular table games.

She is not as passionate about the game as men, playing cautiously, and her motivation is different: if a man wants to assert himself the woman wants to win, forget about her problems and smoothly lose the win in a local store.

Since the late 1970s, women, despite gender prejudices, began to participate in poker tournaments, demonstrating intuition, brilliant mathematical thinking and the ability to "read" the players. There are professionals in poker, legends that won a fortune: Annie Duke - $ 4 million, Annette Obrestad - 3 million, Vanessa Russo - 2.5 million.

New fashion trends in the gaming industry interested female gamblers no less than a new fashionable dress: there are lovers of RPG, strategy, and casual MMO quests and Sims. Many things game developers put inside their products based on the psychology of women, because women are more emotional players, and attentive to detail.

If gender statistics among the players is as follows: the female gender has almost 50%, and then among the employees of the gaming industry, women make up only 15%. Well, experts predict that in the near future, the proportion of women in the gambling industry will increase to 50%: the artist and animators, game designers and scripters, programmers.


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