Phelps claims 22nd gold as Lochte fails to medal

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Phelps claims 22nd gold as Lochte fails to medal

"Ryan Lochte is going to beat Michael Phelps!".

Social media users have supported Elliotte through the gaffe, with many giving their encouragement and brushing away his mistake.

The disappointing finish proved to be a letdown at a viewing party Thursday night in the clubhouse restaurant at LPGA International, where Ryan's father and first coach, Steve, was serving as host and hoping for the best. "We've been racing for the last 12 years and having one more battle tomorrow". Phelps won each time and Lochte finished second, third and second.

"He brings the best out of me", Phelps said in a poolside interview after the 200-meter medley semifinal Wednesday.

We won't know the victor until they touch the wall, but one thing is certain: This is a final showdown you don't want to miss. Phelps has now won 26 total medals in his career, 22 gold.

Phelps would go on to win the gold medal, his fourth consecutive gold in this discipline and 22nd gold medal overall, with a almost two-second win over silver medalist Hagino. The U.S.A. basketball men's team has projected itself as a high-profile follower of Phelps and his teammates during 2016's races.

This is the event Phelps has won gold at in the last three Olympiads.

"It's going to take a flawless performance in order to beat him just because of how tough of a competitor he is". The two semi-finals are scheduled for 4.34am and 4.42am SA time on Friday morning. Much like his Today interview, Lochte said he can't see Phelps calling it a career quite yet. He plans to marry his fiancé after the games and focus on life with their infant son. "We're lucky to have you calling the swimming!". With one egg left in his basket, another 200 IM showdown against Phelps. The father-of-one is already a swimming champion and he continues to win rack up the medals. China's Wang Shun took bronze in 1:57.05.

Michael Phelps has never lost the 200 meter individual medley in the Olympic Games.

"I'm fine with that (time) but I'd like to have those seven or eight minutes in between".

"The week has gone good so far, and I think I'll be able to top it off well in the 800", she said.

Manuel and Oleksiak - the first athlete born in this century to win a gold medal in any Olympic sport - stunned world-record holder Cate Campbell.

In what might have been the final Olympic competition between the two American swimming legends, announcer Elliotte Friedman mixed up the swimming lanes for Phelps and Lochte, and spent the entire race believing that Lochte was Phelps.

Cate Campbell posted the fastest time in the semifinals, an Olympic-record 52.71 seconds and younger sister Bronte was fifth-fastest at 53.29.

The world record belongs to Lochte, which he set in 2011. "I'm kind of bummed but I gave it my all and that's all you can ask".

The main four medal contenders were in the center of the pool.

"To lose in a 54.0 (1.54.06) is disgraceful from my side".

Ryan Murphy kept that streak alive.

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