Amtrak asks woman if she's stuck in elevator -- 7 months late

Helpful customer service rep checks to see if a woman is still trapped in a lift seven months later

Amanda? Are you okay

Fortunately, the latter did not happen to CNN contributor and former communications director for Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter, after she was stuck in an "Amtrak elevator" at Baltimore-Washington International Airport earlier this year. But Amtrak sent a tweet offering help, and Carpenter eventually got out.

"It's been 7 long and cold months, as I sit in this elevator I have come to know as home".

America's largest train network took their customer service to the next level after checking in with a woman who got tapped in an elevator months ago.

And so would read Amanda Carpenter's last diary entry should she have relied on Amtrak's response to her on Twitter for her safety.

"We are sorry to hear that".

Seven months later, on September 7, Amtrak inquired about Carpenter's status.

Amtrak don't just swoop in to save the day when you need them to.

"Wanted to make sure", the company wrote.

"Guys", she wrote to her 90,000 followers, "I'm trapped in an Amtrak elevator at BWI airport".

It seems that Carpenter's original tweet resurfaced all these months later because somebody retweeted it for some reason, and whoever responded on behalf of Amtrak simply didn't see the date. The company apologized to Carpenter on Thursday for the mix-up and offered her a free ride for her trouble.

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