Modifications In Latest Update To Affect Migrating Rare Nests, Pokemon Spawns?

Top 3 Pokemon Go Bots

Top 3 Pokemon Go Bots

Unfortunately, both updates of Pokemon GO did not include the most-awaited key feature of the game that is expected to be included in the franchise.

The update is now being rolled out and brings big changes to the functionality of the Pokemon GO Plus accessory and adds in more information on Pokemon locations.

Meanwhile, it is claimed that "Pokemon GO" has lost around 15 million of its players since it was launched last July. Since the game is still in the expansion phase, the trend might change with Pokemon Go's release in new markets.

Niantic has started to roll out Pokemon Go app updates 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS.

Some "Pokemon Go" gamers claim that a number of new nests have appeared in lieu of an actual migration, which means that Pokemon in general are spawning more often than they used to be. Worn on the players' wrist, the device vibrates whenever a Pokemon is detected or when the player is within range of a Pokestop.

A brand-new update will be hitting Pokémon GO soon, bringing the app to version 1.9. This has been consistently the case with all previous updates and it likely happened again in the latest one; but some fans are hoping that this is not the case. Released on Thursday, the update for the world's most popular and noteworthy augmented reality title was rather minor, featuring a few tweaks to the game and a couple of new functionalities. When the trading update is released, users will be able to trade Pokemon (Pokemon only, no items or money of any sort), to one another in real time.

On the other hand, "Pokemon Go" ended its reign as the highest grossing app in Apple's iOS store.

Hackers are trying their best to bring Mewtwo, Mew and the Legendary Birds to life in Pokemon Go, but for now we are all at the mercy of Niantic for when they decide to give everyone the details.

I saw silhouette of Mewtwo in beggining of Pokemon Go.

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