Clown sightings affecting San Antonio's working clowns

Penn State University students park riots in hunt for creepy clowns

TWITTER HYSTERIA Student flooded the streets armed with tennis racquets bats and sticks

Arrests, including of teenagers, have been made across the country concerning threats of violence.

A number of reported clown sightings at Western Connecticut State University in recent days are likely to be a hoax, according to a statement issued by the university's police department Wednesday.

Authorities at New Haven Public Schools in CT even banned students from dressing up in costumes to prevent any confusion. In Concord. California a man dressed as a clown is accused of attempting to kidnap a one-year-old infant. Police said social media has helped fuel the hysteria. "When people start arming themselves with bats because they are going to go clown hunting, definitely a problem", he said. In Greenville, South Carolina, residents of an apartment complex claim a clown was luring children into the woods, but investigators have not confirmed this, and to date there is no known record of a child actually being harmed or abducted by a clown.

The nature of the threats was not revealed, and officials have not disclosed how many phone calls and social media posts they've received about such threats.

New Jersey has had five arrests in the past three days; in one case teens were hanging out of a auto window with clown masks on, and one was found with a marijuana and a knife.

Clown arrested in Kentucky
PH CAUGHT Clown arrested by police after they found him lurking in some woods in Kentucky US

The New York Times state that false reports or threats in connection to sightings of "creepy clowns" have led to the arrest of 12 people in over 10 states. In three separate instances, the group went up to pedestrians and attempted to "scare" them, according to a sheriff's news release.

Sweeney further said that officers have investigated numerous reports of clown sightings made by citizens between Tuesday night and early Thursday morning.

"The people need to know that Halloween characters are not clowns, they're Halloween characters, they're a completely different animal, you can tell by looking at them, they don't look like this, they look mean and scary, a regular clown doesn't", Ballard said. Police, parents, and especially children are on high alert.

Parra and other students headed to park hoping to catch a glimpse of a clown but the clown never showed.

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