Is Ken Bone The Moustached Red Antidote For The Debate Blues?

The internet noticed. Stealing the show from Republican Nominee #Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee#Hillary Clinton was a man in a red sweater.

The country has been posting on Facebook and Twitter about Ken Bone.

Kenneth Bone asked on Sunday night GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton about energy policy and became an internet sensation nearly instantly.

He wore the red sweater for an interview with CNN on Monday morning.

And yes there's a story behind the sweater.

Bone was one of the undecided voters who attended the debate to get a better feel for their options come November. He was one of the audience members in last night's town hall-style presidential debate. Perhaps inevitably for a newly minted internet star, Bone is scheduled to appear Monday evening on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live". This SheIn brick red sweater ($24) is flawless, and easily a piece you'll wear again.

Turns out the powerful combination of his red sweater and white shirt was a plan B wardrobe choice after Ken split his trousers on his way to the presidential debate yesterday. But by the time the debate was over, he'd already become something else to the Americans watching at home: a little flame of goodness and hope, still burning despite the dark tone of the majority of the debate.

"Was so sad and ashamed throughout the entire spectacle but then KEN BONE rose like a Phoenix from America's ashes and there's laughter again", wrote another Twitter user. But we gotta tell you: The sweater was a solid choice.

And that red sweater was just killer, if I don a Kenneth Bone red sweater all the hotties in my neighborhood are going to be all over me like white on rice. There is also a Twitter account allegedly operated by Mr. Bone that says he lives in Belleville, Illinois.

When asked how he split the trousers, Ken said, "I was just fat".

Sometimes, memes based on real people instantly escape the grasp of that person, becoming something else entirely.

You can't go out as Ken Bone and forget your glasses.

"When I got back to my auto and turned it on I had 423 Facebook friend requests", Bone said.

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