Google says Cardboard app compatibility will soon come to the Daydream View

Google says Cardboard app compatibility will soon come to the Daydream View

Google says Cardboard app compatibility will soon come to the Daydream View

The Pixel phones are the first which are compatible and Google said a handful of major phone makers have committed to produce Daydream-compatible phones by the end of the year. It's AU$119 at two retailers right now, either the Google Store or JB Hi-F.

And despite it being a little more clunkier in the graphics department than say the much more expensive Oculus Rift and Hive, the affordable VR tech that the Daydream provides is pretty decent. Third-party software includes three games, a star chart app, and a genuinely weird Wall Street Journal app where you read text articles on a huge virtual wall in what looks like an office building lobby. Through what I'm assuming is NFC, the phone will then launch the Daydream app and tell you to close it into the viewer with the elastic strap. Use the Daydream View controller to select the YouTube VR app.

Setting up the Daydream app will be straightforward and users will need to add a payment option to complete the setup.

Daydream View is like no VR headset you've ever seen. To move around, just use the controller to grab the screen and move it. Or watch your news as if you were in the middle of the action? No? Cardboard wasn't just a headset, of course - Google constructed an entire software ecosystem around the low-priced VR standard, and many developers jumped on board right from day one. The handset automatically switches to VR mode when the latch is opened and a Daydream-compatible phone is inserted.

"You are truly replacing your reality with a virtual one, and this can put you at risk when you can't see the real world", he cautioned. For example, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them game that I tried at Google's preview event for the Daydream View was nowhere to be found, much to my disappointment. Like "I though about the Galaxy Note 7 when I touched it" hot.

Daydream View has a hand-washable facepad, just in case your first question is to ask "What if I get the it dirty?" Once it was back to a normal temperature, everything worked fine. As of today, Daydream View may only work with Pixel and Pixel XL, but it's off to a great start for the mobile VR category.

The headset and controller are sold together for $79, starting Thursday.

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Google says Cardboard app compatibility will soon come to the Daydream View

With the VR experience almost identical and app choices familiar, but spare, what's left is the headset itself-and it's unlike any other VR headset available.

Going forward, the experience was mixed. In other words, I feel like I know my VR stuff and am impressed by what Google has done here.

Let's take a deeper look in our Daydream View review.

Instead of a hunk of plastic, Daydream View is covered in a fabric that's easy on the eyes and is lightweight. You can get it for just £69 and it has a United Kingdom release date of November. Users can also browse the YouTube library while watching a video just like they do in the regular YouTube app. If I were using the headset to watch movies on a flight, I'd bring a secondary battery, that's for sure. It's built into your phone, and for $79 the headset is a steal.

Expect more and more to support it in the months to come. Netflix and the Major League Baseball have also committed to releasing Daydream apps in the future, both inside and outside the US.

This is reflected in its price, as Daydream will cost just £69 in the United Kingdom, making it far cheaper than competing device such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

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