Google's new PhotoScan app offers more than just photos of photos

Scan digitizes old

Scan digitizes old

While the app could occasionally slip up and crop the image improperly, users have the ability to adjust the crop area. It's bad news for anyone in the scanner or shoebox industries.

Thankfully, PhotoScan is as easy to use as its introductory blog post makes it sound: After downloading and opening the app, users are invited to shoot an object exactly as if they were using their cellphone's camera. Here's how PhotoScan works: Hold your phone level with the photo you want to scan.

For new photos that you've snapped, be it on a smartphone or digital camera, Google Photos, a photo and video storage service by Google, is a good place for them to live on. You can still save your scans to the camera roll on your phone. Like an old-school panorama app, PhotoScan stitches together a single image from those several overlapped photos, making sure to eliminate any glare-infected shots while evening out the overall exposure.

Google has added advanced editing capability to its Google Photos app.

Thanks to an intriguing and easy-to-use interface, Google's PhotoScan app enables users to quickly scan a vast amount of photos without much hassle.

Speaking of Google Photos, the app (iOS, Android, web) is also updated today. Auto mode is pretty self-explanatory-it makes photos look more accurate. You can scan regular loose images or even a photo that's in a frame. And because they're all stored in Google Photos, you have access to all of the powerful object and face recognition search features.

Some of the new editing features let you go in an really tweak a photo to, say, make skies and water bluer, while maintaining skin tones. If you want something stylish, there are 12 new filters that leverage machine learning to mesh better with each individual photo. These filters are "smart" and use machine intelligence to correct "exposure and color balance for that specific look". And share them with anyone, just by sending a link. In December, expect to see Holiday Traditions to showcase all your past Christmas photos; and in April, we'll see a special movie for cats and dogs in honor of National Pet Day.

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