Boy building snow fort dies after he's trapped in snow bank

Police said the boys were playing in a snow bank while a Department of Public Works truck was plowing.

A 13-year-old boy in upstate NY who had attempted to build a snow fort died on Tuesday after being buried alive in snow, police said.

"I bet they moved seven tonnes of snow, easily, out of that pile by hand, shovel, snow rakes - I can't even tell you what they used ... to recover those two boys", he said.

It's unclear whether the plow buried the boys or if their snow fort collapsed. While first responders rushed the seventh grader to a local hospital after failing to resuscitate him at the scene, Demarest was pronounced dead shortly after 10 p.m., the Associated Press reported. He was conscious and alert.

It's reported he heard the reversing alarm of the truck then said "everything went dark".

A K-9 unit found the boys' sled close to the snow mound. They had been playing in a snow bank on a dead-end street in Greenwich, New York, which is about a three-hour drive north of New York City.

"His family is dealing with both losses", Bell said.

School was canceled on Monday because of snowfall but was reopened on Tuesday, the day of the incident.

Earlier this week, a snowstorm that swept into the northeast dumped a foot of snow in parts of the Great Lakes and upper Midwest and left half a foot across NY and northern New England, according to the Associated Press. The boys chose to play together after school, officials said.

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