British premier tells Gulf she's 'clear-eyed' on Iran threat

Theresa May has suggested that the UK's'engagement with the Gulf will help foster'reform

Theresa May has suggested that the UK's'engagement with the Gulf will help foster'reform

Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN) was blocked from covering the GCC summit on the ground, as Elshayyal was refused entry at Bahrain International Airport on Tuesday even though AJMN had followed all necessary procedures and submitted all requested documents to the relevant authorities on time.

'We are making progress.

"We secured a deal that has neutralised the possibility of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons for more than a decade", The Guardian reported May as saying.

"We must. work together to push back against Iran's aggressive regional actions".

"Your prosperity is also our prosperity", she said in Bahrain's capital at the 37th Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit.

On the recent US Justice Against Sponsors of Terror Act (JASTA), the GCC leaders condemned the new law as a breach of the established principles of worldwide law, mainly the principle of equality among the states.

She also dismissed as "despicable" the idea that a country like Britain which pretends to be a democratic state, continues to support the most "violent" and "blood-thirsty" monarchies in the world.

She said Britain was forging a new global role for itself after Brexit and she wanted to boost trade with them to help British people who feel left behind by globalisation.

Lane went on to say by leaving the European Union, there is a huge hole in UK's future and May is trying to take a "giant step to position the country to move forward in the coming century".

"Gulf security is our security", May said.

The emphasis of Ms May's remarks and the joint statement was on the security relationships that are the key elements of Britain's ties in the region and which are seen as vital to diversifying economic cooperation, despite increasing criticism in the United Kingdom about its support for the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen.

"Today, as we face multiple global challenges and an increasingly uncertain and unsafe world, you are vital to protecting our nation's interests and provide a clear demonstration of the UK's enduring security commitment to the Gulf", she said while addressing the British Royal Navy personnel. British military personnel have been involved with the Saudi forces.

"We will establish a new Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism and Border Security and a new National Security Dialogue at GCC level to protect critical national infrastructure, facilitate faster intelligence sharing on suspected foreign terrorist fighters and implement traveler screening systems to detect terrorists attempting to pass through any GCC airport".

Three UK specialist cyber experts will be sent to the region to assist local law enforcement teams.

Simon Collis, British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, agreed that the UK and the Kingdom had a long history of diplomatic ties.

When the deal was finally reached, President Barack Obama called the agreement a "historic understanding" between the United States and Iran, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that it will "pave" Iran's "path to the bomb".

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