Bryan Cranston brought back Walter White on 'SNL'

Cranston responded, "Oh yeah, Steve's the best". It also didn't help that White's involvement in the sketch isn't really timely, and feels like it came a couple years too late. "In the comments section of Breitbart". At one point, the almost unintelligible Cathy Anne addresses Trump directly ("I know he's watching!"), pleading with him to get off the internet for a few days, leading to huge applause from the audience.

He is also a fan of Trump's proposed wall along the Mexican border. Why?

He said, "Nothing comes in from Mexico, meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us".

Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) asked, "You mean jobs?"

The meth dealer said that he and Trump agree on many things. "We want to fill this nation with red, white and a whole lot of blue". Bennett, as Tapper, questions the president-elect's cabinet picks, and McKinnon (as Conway) announces a new one.

"Scott Pruitt is excited for the job and ready to protect us all from the environment", Conway says in the sketch. The former campaign manager explained that White was a science teacher who would lead the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). "Are these bad picks?"

"No Jake, they are not bad", she answers. "They are alt-good".

This week's show opened with another sassy needling of the president-elect, this time focusing on his controversial cabinet appointments. We were falling into a pattern, with Baldwin appearing as Trump and then, inevitably, the real-life Trump publicly weighing in, calling SNL "biased, not unfunny". For once, the show's official Faux Donald, Alec Baldwin, was no where to be found.

But this weekend's show was different.

Donald J. Trump: I Watched "SNL" Last Night, It Is A Totally One-Sided, Biased Show Bennett's Tapper asked suspiciously, "And you're a high school teacher?"

McKinnon said, "Walter is actually a genius with chemicals and we're so lucky to get him".

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